5 Ways to Cut Costs on Your Shopping Bill

shopping bill

After paying the bills, our weekly shopping is probably the next biggest expense. I hate going to the supermarket and realizing just how much I’m spending on shopping each week. Wouldn’t you rather get the same amount for less and use the money you saved for other things? I certainly do. So I came up with a list of five ways to help you cut costs on your weekly shopping bill.

1. Take Advantage of Sales and Coupons:

We all like to save whenever we have the chance to. You can find lots of coupons and special offers if you look in the local newspapers, online, or keep your eyes open when you visit the store. If there’s an offer on something that you use all the time, snap it up in bulk. You can also take advantage of buy one get one free offer. When it’s food, I freeze the free one for a later date.

2. Buy Seasonal Produce:

Most fruit mature and are harvested at specific times of the year. When there’s a lot of something, the price drops. This means that you can find cheaper fruit and vegetables when they’re in season. Most are better value for money in the summer months. So, with this in mind aim to make all of your wonder dishes when the ingredients are more available and cheaper.

3. Make Savings with a smartphone App:

Perhaps you have a large family and spending a lot on your monthly food bill is unavoidable. If this happens, you can take advantage of the new Android app called Saivian. This allows you to get 20% cashback on all of the things that you buy.

There’s a monthly membership fee of $120 with no commitments. You select the stores that you usually use to buy your shopping on the app. After you make your purchase, scan the receipts and upload them. This starts to make you profit when you spend more than $600 a month on expenses. The good news is that you can also use it for clothes, hotels, and even to refuel the car. Excellent value if you have to spend a lot each month.

4. Have a VegetArian Night:

Fruit and vegetables are usually much cheaper than meat and fish. You don’t need to have a protein meal every single night of the week. A good idea to save more money is to only eat meat or fish twice a week and prepare vegetArian dishes instead.

5. Buy and Prepare Meals in Bulk:

If you buy things in bulk, they’re going to be cheaper. Some people like to buy big packets on toilet roll that lasts them for three months. Others like to take advantage of the food that’s on sale and then freeze it for later. Both are a great way to save money over the long run if you have enough space to store them.

The Takeaway Message:

This article has shown you five ways that you can save money and cut the cost of your shopping bill. Take advantage of sales and buy them when they’re cheap to use at a later date. Look online for coupons or mobile apps that can also save money in the long run.

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