The Colorful Objects of 4 Iconic Cities

4 iconic cities

You’d think kids would be wild about learning about the world beyond their home town, but it’s amazing how wrapped up they can get in their own surroundings. If you want your child to grow up with a sense of empathy for ordinary people of all cultures and backgrounds, sometimes you have to intervene with a bit of your own research. It’s not always possible to travel with the little ones, but they can still learn an awful lot about our neighbors on this little ball we call Earth if you can get them looking at the right books and websites.

Japan, for one, is a particularly misunderstood nation in many parts of the world, and the United States in particular has a troubled history with that country. But the Japanese are on the whole a peaceful, thoughtful, kind and inventive people whose culture has taken a curious turn over the past century, with the end of imperial rule and a period of American occupation.

Well, nobody but the Japanese can quite fully understand the ins and outs of their rich culture, but a glance at some of the everyday objects we associate with the islands and Tokyo in particular can sure get a kid thinking! Waving cats, paper lanterns, and bizarre colorful candy are just some of the items that conjure up a mental image of the ‘land of the rising sun’.

A new series of digital posters from Expedia makes for an inspiring introduction to Tokyo, as well as to the cities of San Francisco, Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, and Paris, France. The artist has cleverly created a new design from the objects and souvenirs that we associate with those iconic cities, and they make for colorful arrangements. Share them with your kids today, and who knows – you might even stir their wanderlust!

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