5 Tips For Hurricane-Proofing Your House

5 Tips to  Hurricane-Proof Your House from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Hurricane seasons seem to be more frequent than they were only a few decades ago. In recent years, there have been hurricanes more powerful than ever with the ability to wipe out a city in a few short hours. Although there may be opposing views on what has caused the increase of hurricanes in recent years, most people can agree that the effects can be devastating. It is smart to start to hurricane-proof your house now. 

If you live in an area that is known for hurricanes, then it’s in your best interest to protect your home as much as possible. One single hurricane can cause more than just damage to your roof. It can cause your entire life upside down, literally and figuratively.  Here are some of the best ways to hurricane-proof your house.  

Protect Your Windows 

When a hurricane hits, so can intense winds and flying objects. It’s not uncommon for things to hurl into unsuspecting residents’ homes, shattering their windows. With enough force, even a small stone can hit with the same intensity as a bullet.   

To protect your windows in the event of a hurricane, consider installing shutters. Although the shutter may not stop incoming objects like trees, it can reduce the amount of damage caused by smaller objects and debris. If the shutters are integrated into your home rather than haphazardly placed, they’ll provide much more protection. 

Choose Strong Doors 

Doors are some of the weakest parts of your home during a hurricane. Garage doors are something that can be especially weak when tested against strong hurricane winds. Choose doors that are built to withstand extreme force, or brace them to prevent them from caving in during a storm. 

Keep Your Gutters Clear 

When a storm hits, it’s important to ensure that water can freely flow. If there are any sort of blockages, it can cause a flood and leak into your home. Regularly check your gutters to make sure that nothing is blocking the flow of water. All it takes is one blockage to cause your home to flood, resulting in a devastating loss.  

Have a Generator 

Although you might like to think that your home will make it through the storm, chances are that the power lines won’t. It’s important to have a generator to produce power when the electricity is out. Even a small generator is enough to give you enough juice to keep your essential needs running.  Make sure that you are aware of all of the regulations surrounding generators and have it set up in a sensible location. 

Keep an Emergency Kit 

Hurricanes can keep you blocked for as many days. It’s helpful to have an emergency kit filled with everything you might need in the meantime. From food to medical supplies, you should have everything you need in the event of not being able to go out for supplies. 

So tell me do you have any tips on how you hurricane-proof your house?

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