When Extreme Weather Strikes

When Extreme Weather Strikes by North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

People often disagree about the effects of climate change on the environment. These people aren’t usually scientists, but they can still disagree. But regardless of the reason, it seems like there are more and more cases of extreme weather every single day in America. We might see a raging wildfire in California, a major tornado in Arkansas, and an epic blizzard in Vermont, all on the same day. We can’t control Mother Nature, but we can prepare for her.


Brrr. Your teeth are chattering, the windows are frosting over, and the weather guy on TV is saying something that involves the phrase “winter storm warning.” You’re going to need a good source of heating now more than ever. One of the best things you can do should be done well before the winter solstice, and that’s bringing in a trusted heating repair company to take a look at your furnace, boiler, water heater, or anything else that you rely on when the snow starts piling up outside. If something is not right, it’s always better to find out when conditions are ideal. That’s why it’s always a relief to get a flat tire in your driveway rather than on an interstate highway. Establishing a relationship with a good HVAC team in the fall means you’ll know exactly who to call if something goes wrong during the snowy season.

Tornadoes and thunderstorms

People who grew up in or near Tornado Alley are used to scanning the horizon for funnel clouds. Tornadoes are just a lot more common in the midsection of America, although they’re also pretty frequent throughout the South and Midwest. The sound of a tornado siren blasting through town doesn’t mean it’s time to panic. It means it’s time to get to a safe place, ideally one with no windows and an interior wall. Bathrooms are a common hiding place during tornadoes. They don’t get as much press, but severe thunderstorms can be equally dangerous, especially if they involve high winds and a lot of lightning. Park your car in a covered spot if there’s a chance of hail. Make sure you have plenty of batteries and candles in case the lights go out. And unless you’re a trained storm chaser, don’t act like one. The only place you need to be during extreme weather events is inside.


Some hurricane seasons have a lot of major hurricanes make landfall, while others have none at all. If you’re in a coastal area, don’t take anything for granted. If you live in an area at risk of a mandatory evacuation, start figuring out where you would go a few days ahead of time. It’s not a bad idea to go ahead and book a hotel room, as long as it’s something you can cancel if the storm changes direction. Make plans for your pets as well; leaving them behind and hoping they’ll figure out a way to survive is cruel. When the storm hits, it’s way better to be in a hotel hundreds of miles away with your family rather than trying to find a shelter. Shelters are way better than nothing, but consider them a last resort. After the hurricane has done its damage, it’s time to start cleaning up. If the storm hit Atlantic City and the surrounding area, then there’s going to be a long line for roofing repairs in New Jersey. Try to be patient, although that’s way easier said than done when you’re dealing with a damaged home. FEMA will probably offer certain benefits to people affected by the storm; don’t hesitate to use them. Now is no time to be turning down help because of pride.

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