5 Steps to Defeat Perfectionism and Finally be Happy

5 Steps to Defeat Perfectionism and Finally be Happy

There comes a point in time when perfectionism strikes. Most of us experience the perfectionist strike at some point in our lives, and for some of us, the strike often hits, while for others, it only hits from time to time.

Sometimes it’s okay to be a perfectionist. However, when perfectionism becomes an obsession for one, it can be a dangerous thing. However, when perfection becomes an obsession, we need to learn to let go of it and live.

Try this:

5 Steps to Defeat Perfectionism and Finally be Happy
See the little girl in front that’s me at a time when I was truly happy. That was before I thought everything had to be perfect

Start at the core.

If, in fact, you are trying to be a better person, you are not going to become a better person by making yourself perfect, but instead, by being imperfect. Do not attempt to change others’ perceptions about you, for they are not yours to change. Only you can make yourself become a better person

Drop the “Should”

The moment you start using this word in a conversation, especially regarding your actions, you’re already driving yourself crazy. Remind yourself that you don’t need validation from anyone. As long as you keep using that word, you’re doing just fine

Rewrite the Script

For example, what are you telling yourself as you throw yourself into perfectionism? It’s a path to success for many people, but here it’s unrealistic.

Drop the Comparisons

One of the main reasons why many people spend a lot of time wishing they looked and acted like other people (who they admire) is the fact that in the world of the successful, the ones who are being successful are admired. If you are not looking up to the most successful in your world, then you are missing a major source of inspiration that

Show Some Mercy

If you can never be perfect, you’ll learn the value of self-forgiveness and the ability to let go of mistakes.

You won’t think the following steps are so important at first, but it is…

The answer to how your perfect life should conclude is yes! Perfection is what gets people so tangled up in worry and stress about getting things right. When it occurs in your life, it negatively impacts your mental and physical health.

With this in mind, isn’t it time to let go and enjoy life once and for all?

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