Blog Challenge Day 7 Five Pet Peeves

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My Top Five Pet Peeves

  • Parents who do not make their kids behave in stores. I hate shopping and kids are running all around the store. Almost to the point of knocking you down. If you take your kids to the store be respectful to the others in the store.
  • People not giving Teachers enough credit for all that they do in and out of the classrooms. Teachers these days have to put up with a lot of stuff including no supplies and higher class sizes. So thank a teacher for all they do.
  • People who have no tolerance for children in schools who do not speak English. These kids did not ask to come to this country, and they should be given some thought instead condemned for not knowing the language.
  • Children who bully others by calling them poor. Just because they don’t have the latest name brand items they are rich in so many more ways than money wise. They are the ones better prepared for the real world.
  • The looks that my husband and I still get for being an interracial couple. We have always taught our girls it is how people treat you that will determine their worth not their skin color.

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