5 Useful Household Items You Can 3D Print

5 Useful Household Items You Can 3D Print

As a mom who loves crafting and encouraging others to be resourceful, I find that 3D printing can bring out the inventor in all of us! I’ve seen how it helps us save money and develop creative solutions to everyday problems. So today, I’m going to share with y’all some useful household items that you can 3D print.

As someone who enjoys baking, I love the idea of having unique, customizable cookie cutters. 3D printing allows us to create cookie cutters in any shape or size and tailor them to our family’s preferences or special occasions. Just imagine how much fun it’d be to bake cookies with the kids or grandkids using cutters shaped like their favorite characters or animals!

A Handy Bathroom Gadget: Toothbrush Holder

Finding the perfect toothbrush holder can be challenging, especially if you have a large family or different toothbrush sizes. Thankfully, 3D printing comes to the rescue! You can design a toothbrush holder that fits your bathroom and accommodates everyone’s toothbrushes. Plus, they’re easy to personalize with initials or fun designs to add a touch of whimsy.

An Organizer’s Dream: Custom Storage Solutions

Keeping your home organized can be hard, especially when you need to keep track of things like car keys, office supplies, or even your purse. With 3D printing, you could design custom storage solutions that cater to your needs and perfectly fit in your space. Think of an intricate jewelry hanger or a wall-mounted organizer for those craft supplies or kitchen tools y’all often misplace.

A Practical Everyday Essential: Bag Clips

Y’all know how annoying it is when you can’t find a bag clip when you need one. Well, 3D printing can save the day. You can use a flexible filament type for 3D printing bag clips in different sizes and colors to match your kitchen’s theme. No more dealing with stale chips or folding and tucking bags to keep them closed!

A Personalized Touch: Custom Coasters

Coasters are essential for protecting your furniture from cup rings, but they can also be a lovely decorative addition to your home. With 3D printing, y’all can create coasters in any shape, size, or pattern you want. Why not design coasters that represent your family’s interests or memories of your travels?

These are just a few examples of useful household items you can 3D print. What I love most about 3D printing is the flexibility and creativity it brings to our lives. It’s a chance to use our imaginations and make our ideas a reality. Are there any items you’d like to 3D print, or have you already created something using this technology? I’m sure y’all have plenty, and I can’t wait to be the first to see them on my social media feeds!

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