Youth Dirt Bike Gloves Buying Guide for Kids Riding

Youth Dirt Bike Gloves Buying Guide for Kids Riding from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

One thing that should be the center of focus when reviewing motocross gear is the rider’s major contact points with the dirt bike. Four major contact points are present for the bike rider, which include: The hand, the feet, the inner legs, and the buttocks. There is a need for these points of contact to be secured and ensure that proper grip is maintained.

Of all the contact points, the most important are the hands and the feet. We have made some updates to the dirt bike gloves’ list at the back of our mind—the importance of the hands when racing cannot be overemphasized.

The rider’s hands help maintain a firm grip on the bike and ensure for braking and acceleration. The need for grip is high when one starts to ride over rough regions and catch heavy air. With this, any of this glove-type should help to provide support against the trail.

  1. The Fly Racing Motocross Cross

For some years now, this company has produced light gloves and other wears which also includes tops. It indeed shares remarkable similarities with the Fox dirt paw gloves in the texture and characteristics mentioned. The construct ensures that there is a wind-proofing system. It comes in handy during cold and windy days. 

  1. The i-track MX Gloves (100%)

These gloves, from The Dirtbike Review, are both light and are long-lasting. Since the 1980s, these gloves have been a significant contributor to the two major racing scenes. Its design is seamless in other to provide more comfort.

Even when you ride hard, there is a finger gussets mesh-like structure that helps increase airflow. The moisture-wicking ensures that there is also comfort in the hand. One other great feature is that the thumb’s thick part overlay helps minimize blistering in the contact areas. 

For people who have a smartphone addiction, or game-pad, and demand compatibility with touchscreen, this can also be helpful.

  1. The Fox Legion 

This dirt bike glove carries out more of a heavy-duty; it also helps shield against blisters, providing more resistance to the weather.

It does make a lot of sense to make use of the Legion when riding in the cold. Since it’s an off-road product, it isn’t waterproof, but it’s weather-resistant is undeniable. It is made from fleece material, which gives warmth and comfort. 

The palm region is made of a double-layer, making it more durable and keeping the “rider feel.” It is also useful for using smartphones and touchscreen techs.

  1.  The Troy Lee Air 

This glove has successfully met the need to have very little fabric in a racing glove, the desire for comfort, and debris protection.  Using a spandex body that stretches both ways, it gives comfort and flexibility. It provides increased safety with the TPR ribbing. 

  1. Klim Mojave MX Gloves

This glove contains the features of both an in and out mx glove. Striking features of this glove include: stretch fabric, Velcro closure, TPR protection, and an overlay for the thumb.

It has been exclusively designed for use in summer and warm temperatures. It is also helpful for the benefit of touchscreen compatibility checks. 

  1. Fox Bomber Dirt Bike Gloves

The effect that this dirt bike glove has is that it both gives you confidence and offers you safety. The significant part of confidence is the security of your hands, even in challenging terrains.  This glove is made of extra-durable faux suede and goatskin. 

  1. Troy Lee Adventure Lite Motocross Gloves

This model has an enhanced paneling and offers increased protection. It also has some TPR sections all over the back of the hand that handles trail riding challenges. 

  1. The Alpinestar Techstar Dirt Bike Gloves

Although it covers an expensive need range, it is very affordable. It also is light-weighted and quite comfortable. The addition of TPR and the splitting of the fingers’ padding into two segments has increased its capacity to offer protection. 

Between the pointer and the thumb, the Alpinsters has added a stretchy material that decouples the thumb from the index finger.

  1. Fox Dirtpaw Gloves

The way this glove is constructed is quite simple yet effective. It is made from textiles, and it has rubberized parts that give off a firm grip. Synthetic suede covers the whole palm surface and covers the thumb. In other to aid movement, every finger contains spandex in between the glove’s surface. 

Wrap Up 

Any of the gloves above can be ideal for your needs. However, make sure you go with one that is in line with your budget.

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