Dangers to Avoid on Your Classic American Road Trip

Dangers to Avoid on Your Classic American Road Trip from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

We all love a classic American road trip. What’s not to love? With beautiful scenery, quirky rest stops and plenty of little towns to explore, you’ll see America in a whole new light. America has some of the most famous and impressive coastlines and remote roads to explore by car, so a road trip should be on your bucket list.

However, you’ll need to be careful. When we’re on vacation we tend to let our guard down. But you’ll need to stay vigilant and keep an eye out for any dangers or risks. Here are some to avoid on your classic American road trip. 

Car accidents 

It’s no surprise that car accidents are common on road trips. You’re spending a lot of time driving, which means that you might get tired at the wheel. With your family in the vehicle, you can easily become distracted and lose focus on the road. Plus, different states have different traffic laws, which can be confusing. There may be a different penalty for uninsured driving in Texas, for example, then in California (what happens if you get hit by an uninsured driver in Texas? Click the link to find out). So, it’s important to stay focused and try to avoid any accidents. Check out your route in advance and try to steer clear of roads with major traffic.  


You’ll probably be regularly stopping at roadside motels on your road trip. While the majority are safe and well looked after, it’s important to keep an eye on your valuables. Often when we’re on vacation we become more relaxed and this means that we can become vulnerable to people taking advantage. If you forget to lock your door or leave your valuables on show, someone may see an opportunity. Don’t give it to them. Keep your valuables close to you at all times. 

Bad conditions 

While most roads are well maintained, certain remote routes can become dangerous during bad weather. The Dalton Highway in Alaska, for example, is known as the “loneliest road on earth”. You might find yourself driving for days without seeing another soul. While this can make it an exciting adventure, it can also be dangerous. The weather in Alaska is freezing and this means that the roads can be treacherous. Certain areas become unusable due to landslides or ice, so make sure to be careful and check in advance. If you become stuck or have an accident, you might not find another traveler to help.

Getting lost

It’s important to plan your route before you head out on your road trip. The idea of getting lost might seem like a fun adventure but, in reality, if your phone dies and you find yourself stranded it will be very stressful. Plan your route in advance and take provisions in case you find yourself in a worst-case scenario. 

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