Capturing Your Family Personalities in Print

Wow, before you know it Christmas will be here. In fact, I have some friends who already have their Christmas trees up. I am all about decorating for Christmas- but why push it?


One of my favorite things to do around the holidays is to look back through all the pictures from years ago. My girls and I often sit back and chat over a cup of hot chocolate and reminisce over the pictures.

That has gotten me thinking how to create some really unique cards and collages to share with family and friends.


And in this day and age of social media, during this time of year I always make sure to update my facebook cover photo as well. Sometimes I take a few pictures from throughout the year and create it. But sometimes I crop  a few silly ones to make my girls’ personalities come off the page.


Because if you know my girls you know how funny they are. But sometimes their personalities don’t always come across through the blog. Even the silliness of my husband doesn’t always come across as well.


That is why I am always looking for that one expression, that one look, that one picture that sums up their personalities. Sometimes it is hard to capture that feeling for all of them in one picture. But I have been able to capture some of their characters in individual photos. I use those different images to make a funny and amazing collage using fotor.

So tell me how do you capture the different personalities of your family in pictures?

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