4 Tips for Choosing the Right Exercise Bands

4 Tips for Choosing the Right Exercise Bands

Although exercise and fitness have been a regular part of the lives of many people for several decades, in recent years there has been a sharp rise in the popularity of working out at home. 

This is likely due to a combination of factors, such as eliminating the cost of pricey gyms, the ease and convenience of working out on a fluctuating schedule, and certainly the pandemic a few years ago with the extended closure of exercise facilities all played a role. 

However, with the increase in demand for home workout equipment, companies like Fitcord Fitness have stepped in to offer quality accessories such as exercise bands with handles at affordable prices. But before you jump right into a purchase, it’s best to first know what exactly it is that best suits your exercise goals. With that in mind, let’s take a quick look at four suggestions for finding the right exercise bands for your needs:

1. Familiarize Yourself with the Types of Band and Their Uses

Workout bands come in different sizes and shapes, each offering their own functions and resistance levels. Knowing the difference between these options is necessary to make sure that you get the right bands to meet your individual workout goals. The most common types are:

  • Tube bands with handles (providing a wide variety of resistance for both lower and upper body exercises)
  • Loop bands (mainly used just for lower body exercises such as lunges, squats, and leg lifts)
  • Figure-Eight bands (designed in the shape of a figure-8 and can be used to target various muscle groups)
  • Therapy bands (aka flat bands, primarily used for stretching and rehabilitation exercises)

2. Determine Your Fitness Goals and Current Level 

Before deciding what type of exercise bands with handles to buy, consider the way you intend to use them and what you would like to accomplish. If you’re a beginner, thinner, less resistant bands are probably best. If you are an accomplished weightlifter, thicker, stronger bands are likely in order.

3. Check Their Durability and Quality

These are critical factors in finding good workout bands. Look for high-quality design materials like rubber or latex, as they provide better resistance and elasticity than cheaper alternatives. Also make sure there are no signs of damage such as cracks, tears, or deformities prior to use.

4. Make Sure They’re Comfortable and Safe

These two factors should be a top priority in any exercise equipment or accessory. Choose bands that have a firm grip and secure hold to avoid the risk of slips. Always be sure to use proper form and technique to ensure maximum results and minimal risk of injury.

Maximizing Results from Your Exercise Bands with Handles

Once you know what’s offered and what your goals are, choosing the right resistance bands for your workout needs is quick and simple. Whether you want to incorporate them into a stretching routine, add lean muscle, or are looking to bulk up, there is an exercise band that is perfect for you. By following the tips provided here today, you can get started on your new fitness program in no time.

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