4 Subway Tiles That Will Make Your Home More Beautiful

4 Subway Tiles That Will Make Your Home More Beautiful from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

A home renovation is a very demanding job that requires your utmost attention. Picking the perfect interior design, choosing a matching furniture, etc. are very expensive investments that need to be chosen conscientiously. Similarly, choosing the right tiles for your home is another essential job. And if you are planning to go with the subway tiles then my friend, you are on the right track. A subway tile backsplash can help you to balance between the trendy interior designs and timeless elegance. Here are some beautiful subway tiles ideas you should try in your home:

Ice Glass Subway Tiles For Kitchen 

Picking the perfect kitchen tile is a tiring job. Especially when you have a classic themed kitchen, and you are only looking for subway tiles. In that case, Ice Glass subway tiles can help you a lot. It offers an elegant look because of its reflective and shiny surface. Besides, these subway tiles provide a beautiful and out of the box appearance when combined with a white themed kitchen. Don’t forget about the color of your ceiling as it affects the looks of your kitchen. With these subway tiles, choose light shades for your roof.

Metallic Subway Tiles

For a premium look, metallic subway tiles are the most appropriate choice. You can classically install these tiles, align them like bricks, or try different patterns like vertical or herringbone. Or, you can create an attractive quartz subway tile backsplash using these metallic tiles. These titles are available in various shades and designs. Its popular shades are glossy grey, matte black, and light brown. Talking about the price, these tiles are a bit costly, but it’s a  deal of value for the money. If you buy from a good seller, these tiles cost approximately $20- $30 per sheet.

White Subway Tiles

The elegant designs of the subway tiles match almost every theme and style. You can add subway tile backsplash to your bathroom or kitchen countertops for a simple and clean look. If you are a budget shopper, then nothing is better than the white subway tiles.  Moreover, these white tiles have many different designs. Although it’s the same color, using a different style and design enhances the beauty of your room. 

You can use the combination of multi-color subway tile backsplash and the white subway tiles to make your walls look more attractive. However, select the color combination carefully.

Ceramic Subway Tiles

In the topic of subway tiles, it’s hardly possible to ignore the most loved tiles, i.e. ceramic subway tiles. These tiles are one of the most favorite choices these days. Whether it’s a simple classic kitchen or a modern themed bathroom, these subway tiles match with all. Also, these tiles are effortless to install and do not require any special care. Meaning, the maintenance cost of these tiles is very low. The price of ceramic subway tiles varies from seller to seller. You can get these tiles even at $10-$15 per piece or $100-$200 per piece. The difference is because of the quality. Buy only from that seller who offers quality tiles at a reasonable price.


These were the top four ideas for subway tiles that you should consider trying at your place. All these tiles are super amazing and are capable of making your house much more attractive than it was before. 

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