5 Excellent Accent Pieces For Your Home’s Interior Design

5 Excellent Accent Pieces For Your Home’s Interior Design from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Designing the interior of your home is important, as the goal is to create a space that offers comfort and functionality.  Adding accent pieces to your design can help to add warmth or character to a room.  

Choosing the most appropriate accent pieces for each room of your home can be challenging, but there’s hope in sight.  Read through this brief look at a few excellent accent pieces for your home, and start visualizing your newest layout moving forward.  

Start in the Entryway of Your Home

When you first walk into your home, you want to get an immediate feel for the tone of the rest of the house.  You want visitors to immediately feel something. Accent furniture in the entryway of your home can build warmth.  

Consider smaller pieces, depending on the space.  Try the look of adding a bombe chest or a small decorative table.  Accent rugs are also helpful in your home’s entryway.  

Small Tables are a Great Tool 

Small tables are one of your best tools for accenting the interior design of your home.  You can place small accent tables in living rooms, bedrooms, and entryways for added style and utility.  

Choose pieces that have something unique to add to the space.  Ornate woodwork, uncommon painting, or inlaid tables are all great choices for accent pieces throughout your home.  

Use Large and Imposing Pieces to Make a Statement

If the style of your living room feels a bit muted, you may need just the right large accent piece to strike the aesthetic of the space with excitement.  A gorgeous, well-crafted grand piano in the room is hard to ignore.  

Adding a beautiful armoire or china cabinet to the room will also add some eye candy for visitors.  Choose pieces with rich colors that compliment the aesthetic you’re seeking to create.  

A Good Chair can Add the Flair You Seek

Chairs are another excellent tool for accenting the interior of your home.  Choose a chair that presents a strong profile. Chairs with interesting upholstery and vivid color tend to draw the most attention.  

Your accent chair will serve best if it doesn’t necessarily mimic the style of the rest of the furniture in the room.  Mixing up the styles of your pieces will add contrast to your design, drawing greater interest from friends and family.  

The Proof is in the Details 

You don’t always need a piece of furniture to accent a room.  There are other little things you can do to spruce up your interior design.  

Adding accent pillows to your couches and chairs adds a cozy enhancement.  Curtains, large potted plants, and contrasting wall paints can also do a lot to add depth to your design.  

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