4 of the Best States for a Family Vacation

4 of the Best States for a Family Vacation from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Family vacations are often the highlight of the year for us. While it may seem daunting juggling kids, luggage, and an itinerary, every bit of stress is worth it once you see the kids marveling at new sights and experiences. While you can make fantastic memories no matter where you go, there are some parts of the United States that go above and beyond with their family-friendly opportunities. If you’re looking for a place to take your family this summer, check out any of these best states for a family vacation.


From San Francisco to San Diego, California is bursting with bucket-list-worthy vacations. This state draws in visitors with its crystal-clear waters and vibrant culture. Explore the lights and stars of Hollywood or the historic districts and landmarks of San Francisco. You can also spend the entire trip as a beach bum, enjoying the glorious sunshine, palm trees, and endless ocean waves.


Take your family back to the roots of our nation with a trip to Virginia. This east coast state is bursting with beauty and history. Spend a day at one of the barrier islands, enjoying views of ocean birds and wild horse populations. You can also stroll through Colonial Williamsburg or Richmond to get your fill of historic landmarks and reenactments. You can also enjoy getting lost in the 200,000 acres of the breathtaking Shenandoah National Park. No matter what kind of adventure y’all are after, Virginia is easily one of the best states for a family vacation.


Are you looking for city life? Do you want a chance to reconnect with the great outdoors? How about something in between? Colorado has it all. Stay at luxurious ski resorts or in charming mountain towns. Take a week to camp out under the stars and enjoy the state’s exciting landscapes and wildlife. Whether y’all lean toward urban excitement or outdoor adventures, Colorado is bursting with family-friendly activities to fill your vacation.


Y’all know that the Sunshine State is famous for its kid-friendly destinations. Every year, families flock to Orlando for its world-famous theme parks, including the eternally magical Walt Disney World. The state also boasts over 8,000 miles of shoreline, making it all too easy to spend a day on its white sandy beaches. No matter where you go in Florida, you have your choice of museums, national parks, and all-around fun. 

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