Traveling In Your 30s: 9 Innovative Ways To Earn Money While You Travel

Traveling In Your 30s: 9 Innovative Ways To Earn Money While You Travel

If you plan to travel, doing so in your 30s can be ideal. You will have enough life experience to make smart choices while still being able to enjoy all that traveling has to offer. Ensure you plan your travels and how you’ll finance them to have peace of mind and as much fun as possible. 

You may have in-demand skills or be visiting somewhere with a lot of gig work available. You should look at the employment opportunities a place has before you leave, and start your search early.  

Start A Travel Blog 

Use a blog to keep track of your travels. Look for ways to monetize your blog and post regular, quality content. Ensure that your accommodation has working Wi-Fi and you have access to a computer and a way to take photos. Offer sponsored posts to venues as you travel to get discounted or free accommodation, food, and more.  

Do Freelance Work While You Travel 

Offer freelance services or remote work while you travel. Build a portfolio to show your skills as a freelancer. Working in a field such as IT or software development affords you the opportunity to work remotely, this means you can potentially live somewhere you’ve always wanted despite working for a business elsewhere. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to live in the Netherlands, you can easily find Groningen apartments for rent online. This way, you can travel and experience new cultures, whilst also being settled down enough to get all the work done you need to pay the bills. Ensuring understand how to pay taxes in the countries you work from is vital, you’ll need to read up on this prior to going so you have a stress free trip.

Teach English As A Second Language 

Teach English in countries where it is not a primary language. Get a qualification that ensures you have the right skills. Look for governmental programs that match teachers with positions overseas.  

Become An Influencer 

Build a following and ask for goods and services in exchange for exposure to your follower base. Spend time curating and growing your followers and creating engaging content. Invest in a quality camera and video camera to make quality videos and pictures.  

Try Out Seasonal Work 

Look for work as a fruit picker or retail worker during busy periods like Christmas. Find seasonal work that gives you access to desirable visas, such as the H-2B visa. Read the H-2B visa rules carefully to ensure the seasonal work you choose is suitable. Find a reputable immigration law specialist like Farmer Law PC to help you navigate the visa process.  

Rent Your Home Out 

If you own your home, consider renting it out while you travel to generate passive income. Hire a rental property management company to oversee the property and your tenants while you travel.  

Be A Bartender 

Find work as a bartender in places like hostels to get discounts on accommodation. Learn about mixing cocktails and other popular drinks to make yourself desirable to potential employers.  

Work In A Summer Camp 

Sign up to work in a summer camp for free accommodation and a modest wage. Research the types of camps available and choose the one you will excel in. Consider getting experience working with children before you take on work in a child-centric environment.  

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