4 Major Home Repairs You Shouldn’t Overlook

4 Major Home Repairs You Shouldn't Overlook from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

When you discover a faulty home component or system, what do you do? Some of us contact the necessary professional and ensure that it gets fixed ASAP. And what about others? Well, others manage the fault until it gets severe before calling for help.

While I understand the reason behind stalling on making repairs, you must note that not all faults are as basic as they seem. So if you decide to wait for a few weeks before calling the plumber to fix that “little” leakage, you may end up regretting it. Why? Because it could deteriorate and cause significant damage to your home.

That said, as a homeowner who wishes to preserve their home, what are the major repairs you shouldn’t overlook? I have highlighted a few below.

1. Termite infestation

So while searching for a book in your basement, you discover swarms of termite devouring a wooden slab. They look hungry and innocent, and from the look of things, they aren’t really doing much harm to the wood, at least not yet.

As the kind human that you are, you decide to overlook the development. You tell yourself they’ll leave eventually. But, the sad truth is, you’re mistaken. Termite infestation is a huge problem faced by several homeowners, and overlooking such an issue could cost you your precious house.

So what do you do when you see a termite infestation? Simple. Contact a reputable termite company. But if you observe that the infestation doesn’t call for an alarm, you could purchase termite sprays to get rid of them.

2. Damaged windows or doors

Your windows and doors are important components of your home. They protect you from the elements, provide your home with adequate insulation, and keep you safe from marauding intruders. When your window or door gets damaged, your home becomes less secure, and you end up paying high electricity bills due to a rapid drop in your home’s energy efficiency.

To avoid the ugly circumstances that come with damaged doors or windows, you mustn’t overlook even the slightest signs of window damage. Inspect your windows. If you see signs of damage (rot damage, shrinking frames, hardware failure, etc.), consider a window replacement as soon as possible so that the issue can be rectified in time. Do likewise for your doors.

3. Foundation cracks

Foundation cracks don’t often occur. However, if you notice a foundation crack in your home, don’t overlook it. Don’t decide to procrastinate its repair simply because the crack is a few centimeters wide. Neither should you ignore the development because it appears harmless.

Foundation cracks—if left unattended—can cause a home basement to become damp. In addition, large foundation cracks can lead to flooding. Thus, ensure you call in the professionals when you notice any crack on your foundation, regardless of how tiny or harmless it is. Just as small water can make an ocean, small cracks can end up wreaking havoc on your home. I bet you don’t want such to happen as you could become homeless in the process.

4. Clogged gutters

Leaves, twigs, and all sorts of waste pile up in your gutter each day. During storms, this causes restricted flow, hence a spillage that can freeze on the sidewalk and driveway. Having such spillage on your sidewalk or drive poses a major hazard.

Also, because water is restricted from going to the downspouts and flowing away from your house, it could leak into your basement. To avoid both scenarios, ensure you take time to clean your gutters regularly to ensure that water isn’t restricted. You can as well consider installing water guards to keep them free from debris.


If you have a habit of overlooking minor faults, you must change for the sake of your home. One thing about those faults you overlook is that they end up deteriorating, and when they do, you’ll end up in a terrible situation that would require you to spend lots of money on repairs. So before you ignore those minor faults at home, ensure you think twice.

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