Why You Should Use Wood Furniture in Your Home

There are so many different kinds of furniture to choose from at the store. Keep reading for why you should use wood furniture in your home.

Why You Should Use Wood Furniture in Your Home from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Confused by all of the furniture options? What’s the difference between solid wood and veneer? Should you invest in hardwood furniture?

Shopping for new furniture seems like it should be easy. But it’s more than just what looks good. It’s about investing in pieces that last.

Wood furniture is a solid option no matter what your style. It’s more versatile than you might think.

Wood instantly gives your space a warm look. It’s a natural element that can help you feel grounded. Even if you live in the middle of a busy city, you have that connection to nature in your home.

Keep reading to explore wood furniture benefits.

Durability of Furniture

When you’re looking to upgrade your home with new furniture, the value you get from the new pieces is a top concern. You want years of use when you’re spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on furniture.

Solid wood furniture is a resilient material designed for strength and lasting use. It’s not something you’ll want to throw away in a few years because it’s banged up.

If wood furniture gets a scratch, watermark, or other damage, you can refinish it. The piece looks like new, and you don’t have to replace it. 

Cheaper furniture often uses veneer over particle board. These pieces tend to warp over time. The veneer might pull away or split.

If something goes wrong with manufactured wood products, there’s usually not much you can do about it. That makes solid wood furniture a much better investment, even if you pay more upfront.

Versatile Styling Options

Wood furniture works no matter what style your home is, from traditional to modern home designs

You can also mix different types of wood and still have a cohesive look. Mixed wood tones give your room a more lived-in, welcoming look. 

A contrasting look usually works with wood. Pair dark and light wood pieces together.

Mixing wood furniture makes it easier to gradually add new furniture pieces. You don’t have to buy an entire set of furniture at once to make sure it matches. 

The neutral look of wood also makes the furniture easy to pair with other decorative pieces. It’s easy to change the overall look of your home with wood furniture pieces, whether that’s tables, beds, or even wooden armchairs, at the heart of the design.

Unique Characteristics

Because it’s made of a natural material, each piece of wood furniture has a unique look to it. The grain and knots give the furniture personality.

Different species of wood give furniture unique wood tones. Natural finishes let those colors show. You can also get different wood colors based on the stain color used on the furniture.

You also get the uniqueness of different manufacturers. Different artisans and companies put a unique spin on how they cut, finish, and design wood furniture. When you choose wood, you can find a piece that speaks to you and fits your decor.

Easy Maintenance

Since wood is so strong and resilient, it doesn’t take a lot of maintenance to keep it looking great. Wiping it down with a little wood cleaner keeps it looking great. 

If you spill something on wood furniture, you’ll want to wipe it up immediately. As long as you don’t let moisture sit on the table, you can keep it looking like new.

Options to Change Wood Furniture

Do you change your mind about your decor often? Wood may be your perfect partner.

Wood furniture takes paint and stain well. That means you can switch up the look when you get bored. 

You can also cut and rework wood pieces to change them into something new. Say you replace your living room console with a new piece. You can remove the doors and change up the old one to create an open bookshelf for another room. 

What’s Your Furniture Style?

Is your decor ready for a change? Wood furniture is a versatile option that lasts. Leave a comment letting us know why you love wood furniture.

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