Helpful Tips for Combating Postpartum Fatigue

Helpful Tips for Combating Postpartum Fatigue

Postpartum fatigue is real. From long nights with the baby to other responsibilities, living in a state of exhaustion is a real possibility. But fortunately, there are some ways y’all can combat this. Read my helpful tips for combating postpartum fatigue for some great advice.

Rest When Your Baby Rests

I know this is age-old advice, but you should rest when your baby rests. As busy moms, we tend to fall into the thought process of “I need to get things done before the baby wakes up again.” But resting is fine, y’all! When your baby sleeps, take that as an opportunity to sleep, too. Even if you can’t get any shut-eye, sit quietly or meditate to let your body relax.

Don’t Skip Meals, and Drink Plenty of Water

You’ll get your energy through meals and hydration during the postpartum stage. Therefore, you shouldn’t skip meals or decrease your water intake. If you don’t have the time to prepare a full meal, eat small things such as energy-packed breastfeeding snacks throughout the day while sipping on water.

Reach Out for Help

Though “super-mom” has a nice ring to it, we can’t do it all—it’s OK to reach out for help. Call a friend or family member for help with chores, errands, or watching your other children. During the postpartum stage, your body goes through many changes, and you need to save your energy for the baby. So don’t be afraid to seek out assistance.

Leave the House

I know leaving the house with a newborn sounds like a wild concept. And I’m not saying to attend a music festival or party. I’m just saying to leave the house and give yourself a break from your duties! Whether you walk around the block, run a quick errand, or get an ice cream cone, you should prioritize taking a small break. It will refresh you!

Postpartum life is tiring, but you can fight back and regain energy. I hope you found my helpful tips for combating postpartum fatigue beneficial. If you ever feel tired, feel free to refer to this advice for help.

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