Holiday Gift Guide: 14 K for Kids

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I always love to get my girls jewelry with their birthstones in them. When Maddie graduated from high school, I got her  Sapphire bracelet, and she loved it. So I have been on the lookout for matching necklace and earrings. I have yet to find the necklace. But I thought I found some fabulous earrings.


I will admit that I have high standards when it comes to jewelry, and I should have realized that they were a little small as they are made for kids, but I got them anyway. Because at even at 21 years of age, Maddie is super tiny. And it isn’t just my opinion; everybody thinks that not just about her but also my middle daughter as well. So I thought these would work.

kids gold

The quality and workmanship of these earrings is amazing. However, I wasn’t impressed with the size. As I said before, I believe it is because I had Maddie in mind when ordering these.

So if you are looking for a subtle but lovely gift than the 14K for Kids Birthstone Earrings would be a great present.But if you are looking for a more grownup present I would look somewhere else.

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