Planning to Secure Your Parents’ Future? Get Mediclaim for Parents in 3 Quick Steps

Investing in an insurance policy will help you face the financial burden and provide quality medical care for your parents. Health costs are constantly on the rise and it is getting harder to get quality medical care. A mediclaim for your parents is a great way to insure your parent’s future. It covers a wide range of benefits like daycare expenses, hospitalizations, and minor surgeries. 

In this article, we will look at how you can get mediclaim for parents and what factors should you look at before choosing. 

Planning to Secure Your Parents' Future? Get Mediclaim for Parents in 3 Quick Steps

Mediclaim for parents: What Is It?

Mediclaim for parents is a kind of insurance policy you take specifically for the purpose of securing their future. This health insurance will include several features, such as cashless hospitalization, day-care treatments, and you can select the policy according to their particular needs. This also includes other benefits like annual health check-ups, all while saving you from unforeseen medical expenses. 

Depending on your parents’ age, you can choose an individual health insurance plan, a family floater plan, or senior citizen health insurance. There are several options available but make sure you choose the health insurance plan that is the best fit for your parents.

How To Choose the Best Mediclaim for Parents?

The high-risk factor associated with old-age and medical inflation is one of the major reasons Mediclaim for parents is vital. With its help, you can provide your parents with the best medical care without facing any financial issues. So, what are the factors that you should look at?

  • Step 1

You need to do your research on which plan is the perfect fit for your needs. There are some factors that you need to keep in mind. 

  • You need to know the entry age criteria. There is no restriction on the maximum age for parents to purchase health insurance plans. However, an individual needs to be over the age of 61 years to purchase senior citizen health insurance plans.
  • You also need to know what type of coverage you want. The two major types of health insurance plans are individual and floater. Depending on whether you need individual or family healthcare coverage, you can choose between the two. You should also look at the coverage amount. 
  • You should also verify which benefits the policy provides, including coverage for modern day-care procedures, pre and post-hospitalization medical expenses, and alternative medicine
  • Choose a plan with a waived-off co-payment provision to avoid this requirement. Another factor you need to check is the waiting period. The shorter the waiting period, the more likely you will be able to get coverage right away.
  • You should also find an insurance plan that offers lifelong renewability so your parents can get continued coverage in the future. Other than this, check the list of cashless hospitals in the policy. Ensure that they are near your locality so that you can get your claim easily. 
  • A good policy will also cover daycare treatments which are important for taking care of non-invasive and minor surgeries. During the review and comparison of medical insurance policies, you should carefully review the policy documents to understand the terms. Care Insurance is one of the renowned insurance providers in the country that provides these necessary benefits at affordable premiums. 
  • Step 2

Once you have identified the policy, simply head to the insurer’s online portal and fill the form with all your details to get the mediclaim for your parents. 

  • Step 3

Submit the documents needed for the policy and start saving up for your parent’s future. 

Medical expenses can prove to be a burden, especially in old age. According to a report, India ranks in the lower ranks when it comes to per capita medical spending by the government. Hence, you have to ensure that you save for medical expenses that usually arise in old age. 

Go through the policy document to check all terms. Check the policy coverage, entry requirements, and the cashless hospitals on your network. Once you have made your decision, fill a form, and it’s done.

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