Young Pregnant Women and Vaping

Young Pregnant Women and Vaping from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

It’s not a secret that vaping is one of the biggest trends right now. Whether you know about it because it’s been in the news recently or because you vape yourself, many people have different opinions on it. It has helped a lot of people and destroyed some lives but overall, the cats out of the bag. It seems very hard to go back on vaporizers now. They are a big market which is why some people don’t want it to go away and others feel that it is helping them quit smoking cigarettes.

What is Vaping

If you don’t know what vaping is, it is creating vapor out of dry herbs, concentrates or oil liquids through an electronic device. These electronic devices are usually portable and contain a battery, an atomizer where your material goes into and a mouthpiece. The battery powers up the atomizer/coil which heats up the material into vapor. 

Dry Herbs

There are different vapes you can use for different materials and they differ mainly because of the atomizer. Each material will require different coils to heat it. Dry herb vapes usually use conduction vape which heats the herbs from the outside in to make sure you don’t burn the herbs.


Concentrates or wax are a very soft material which can turn into vapor fairly quickly. They fit directly on the coil which heats up directly on the wax.


For people looking to quit cigarettes or use a different alternative, e-liquids are liquid nicotine. You can fill up your atomizer on your vape and with a simple click of a button, you can turn that into vapor. Although vaping is not 100% safe, many doctors and institutions have claimed vaping is better than smoking. 

Vaping While Pregnant

Unfortunately, as vaping has gotten bigger, a lot of information is being lost in the mix. Since vapes don’t smell like smoke and aren’t as thick, many people think it’s better. This has led to many pregnant women vaping. Not only does smoking affect the lungs but nicotine can also harm the brain, especially to do the developing body and brain. Nicotine is the main ingredient in cigarettes and e-liquid vapes.

Most women that vape while pregnant are because they had either switched over to vaping and then became pregnant or they switched over to vaping when they found out they were pregnant. Unfortunately, many people believe vaping is not dangerous and won’t affect you. Although most people don’t believe it, vapor can also affect you if you get it through second-hand smoke. 

Teen Vaping

Teen vaping has been rampant lately and most people blame it on Juul. Juul is an e-cig company that sells pre-filled disposable vape pods with nicotine salt in them. Nicotine salt is a concentrated form of nicotine that is much stronger than any cigarette or any other sort of e-Liquid offers. It allows you to vape less with higher amounts of nicotine.

Higher nicotine content mixed with different fruity and sweet flavors is a recipe for disaster. Teens still have developing brains all the way until 25. Vaping candy-like flavors can get you hooked really quick when it contains an addictive chemical like nicotine. 

High schools have reported a giant increase in the number of teens who vape rather than smoke cigarettes. Many of them have also said they never smoked a cigarette and would never touch them but vaping a disposable fruity vape can make you want more.

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