Knowing the Environment: 6 Tips to Help You Stay Safe in the Maldives

Knowing the Environment 6 Tips to Help You Stay Safe in the Maldives from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Interested in visiting somewhere new for the coming year? You may want to consider visiting the Maldives. But it’s best to be prepared for what’s to come instead of going in blind. There are plenty of rules you need to observe when going to the Maldives so that you can stay safe.

Hopping Between Islands

Because the Maldives is a strict Muslim country, it’s important that you don’t visit the non-resort islands without having a guide or a licensed tour operator to take you there. The government likes to control where tourist money is going, so carefully consider any Maldives packages you find online to ensure that you’re not paying money for locations you can’t visit.

Drinking the Water

The majority of the water that comes out of the taps, even in resort hotels, is treated rainwater. That’s good enough for the people that live there, but it could make you sick. It’s best if you boil the water or buy bottled water when you’re there to prevent you from getting any waterborne illnesses.

Problems with Mosquitos

In the Maldives, dengue fever can be a real problem. In 2011, there was a massive outbreak with 300 cases, leading to five deaths. It’s a good idea to bring protection against mosquitos, such as insect spray, mosquito nets, and burning coils to keep them away from you at night.

Thankfully, malaria is not a problem in the Maldives.


On the coasts of the Maldives, there are reef sharks that swim around, but they’re not the ones you need to worry about. There’s never been an incident of a shark bite in the Maldives, so there are other fish you need to worry about.

You are more likely to be stung by a lionfish, a sea urchin, or a sea anemone than to be bitten by a shark. There’s also a fish called the Titan Triggerfish that tend to be quite docile, but during mating season, they become quite violent when defending their territory.

Staying Safe Stay Safe in the Maldives in the Sun

The Maldives is a very sunny location, so you’re going to be exposed to a lot during your vacation. It’s important that you remain hydrated and use sun protection to prevent getting sunburned. Bring sunglasses as well to protect your eyes against the glare of sunlight against the water. Medical services are limited on the islands, so you have to watch out for your own health.

SCUBA Diving

Always go SCUBA diving with a licensed operator who is familiar with the area. That way, they can warn you of any dangers in the water. You’re also not allowed to dive more than 30 meters, which all licensed operators should know.

Also, don’t go SCUBA diving 24 hours before your flight to avoid decompression sickness when you fly the next day. Your body needs time to adjust between the different pressures, and a sudden change can make it fall out of sync.

Always exercise care and observe the rules/law when you travel somewhere new. The last thing you want is to go to prison or end up deported for a behavior you could have avoided.

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