What Tips To Follow When You Want To Start Applying MakeUp?

What Tips To Follow When You Want To Start Applying Makeup from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

For the ladies, I know this is a must-read. Make-up has become an essential feature of your beauty, and we have to respect that. The revolution has been happening since time immemorial, and tips are important so that our makeup looks good. Let us look at various tips we can follow to make sure your makeup is on point.

Your Eye Makeup

The first thing you should know about your eyes is their shape. Thus this will determine what type of eye makeup you will choose. The nature of your eyes is also important. Below are some eye tips you should follow.

1.     Define Your Eyes

You can use black, white, or nude eyeliners to define the shape and size of your eyes. If you want a neutral shade for your eyes, use nude eyeliner, for a fierce look, use black eyeliner, and for larger eyes, use white. Follow these carefully, especially during interviews.

2.     Mirror Chronicles

When applying eyeshadow or eyeliner, don’t hold your mirror straight before your face. It will prevent you from applying the eyeliner adequately. Tilt your head and make sure the whole skin of the eyelid is exposed, and look in the mirror at a 35-degree angle instead of straight. For quality eyeliners and eyeshadows, check out the naked palette.

3.     Two Is Better Than One

Apply two coats of mascara instead of one for a defined look. Two coats will give you brighter eyes and will shape your lashes better than one coat. When applying, make sure the first coat is dry, then apply the second coat.

4.     Say No To Red Eyes

Red eyes can be a cause of stress. If you want to counter red eyes, blue is your solution. When you are applying eyeliner, use a blue shade to complement the white of your eye. Doing this will hide the redness of your eyes.

Your Face Makeup

1.     Foundation tip

Find the right foundation which is right for your face. Your friends and family may be using the same foundation but don’t automatically assume it will work for you. Not one bit it won’t. There are two choices, a matte foundation, and a hydrating foundation.

2.     Eye makeup first?

When you are doing makeup, always start with the eyes, and then the foundation can follow. The reason for this is to ensure your eye makeup mistakes are covered up. You can also check out naked palettes for a natural look. To achieve a flawless look on your eye makeup, it is best that you apply a primer for eyeshadow first before your base makeup. It also helps on combating oiliness around the eye area

3.     Balance boldness and brightness

For your face to look complete, wear bold colors and then complement them with bright colors via products like blush and highlighter from places like Soda Makeup Brand on other parts of your face. 

You Lip Makeup

1.     Powder foundation has more than one job

Use your powder foundation and apply it lightly to your lips before applying lipstick. The advantage that comes with this is to keep your lip edges from bleeding and makes your lipstick durable.

2.     Let Vaseline and toothbrush be your best friend

Make-up will have dry effects at times for your lips. To maintain the softness of your lips, adapt to using Vaseline before your sleep. Also, brush your lips to remove lipstick properly every day.


Make-up is important for a modern look because it helps you fit in. Knowing tips related to makeup will ensure you do the job correctly. Use the tips above, and you will notice a difference.

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