Yesterday Was One of Those Days

Yesterday morning I had to take Gracie for her MRI. They sedated her because she was so scared. But unfortunately she woke up during the procedure and totally freaked out.  After she was out of the machine she would not stop crying. It took her a good long while afterwards to calm down. Hopefully we will get the results soon. Because she was sedated she still had some of the medicine in her system so she was a little sick to her stomach and unsteady on her feet. She went to school and had to be escorted everywhere just in case. She came to see me twice today for Tylenol because of this. So I was a little stressed to add to the stress I started a long term assignment today. I will be teaching 3rd grade from now until Christmas Break. So I will post from time to time that is one of the reasons I pushed the time my newsletter goes out back a little further so that I have time to blog and send offers that I find throughout the day. So I hope you understand that things are not as stressed for you as for me.

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