Re Introduction of Family

This week when I introduced you to our newest family member I wasn’t sure if everyone remembers all the members of the frugal mom’s family. So I thought I would take the time to reintroduce you to each and every member of the family. So here goes:
The People

Here is Raul, my Hubby
Oldest Daughter Maddie
Middle Daughter, Mikaela

Gracie (my youngest) and Beary
Could not find a single picture of me by myself but this will do.
The Dogs
Winnie, Our first adventure in pet ownership.
She was abandoned and we took her in.
She is almost 10 years old.
Tutu AKA W-2
(Winnie’s daughter)
She is 5 years old.
The Chickens
Diabla (Maddie’s Hen)
The Fish

And of course our newest member:
Hope you enjoyed meeting my family.

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