Finally The Post You Have Been Waiting For…. Before The Concert

As I posted on my Facebook wall a couple of weeks ago, I took Gracie to her first concert. We saw Taylor Swift at the RBC Center In Raleigh. The fact that we were able to go to the concert was pure luck on our part. Remember my friend, Lisa, from Lisa’s Blessings, well she got 4 tickets to go to the concert and offered sell  us 2 of them. She is an amazing person and we are so blessed to have her and her family in our lives. The first thing we did  that evening was to meet up with some friends at  Kanki Japanese Steak House. Here are some pictures from that excursion.

If you are not familiar with this kind of restaurant they cook your food right in front of you.

In these 2 pictures the girls are finding new uses for chopsticks.

Gracie tried the whole time to do this and finally got it towards the end of dinner.
After a awesome meal where I tried fried tofu and loved it, it was on to the concert.
We got there and the place was packed. Traffic was horrible. But soon enough we got a parking space and it was on to the concert. On our hike to the center from the parking lot (lol) the girls were able to get their pictures taken coming out of a limo. Unfortunately I don’t have that picture but our friend Courtney got a couple that she hopefully will share in the near future. Then we in the arena to find our seats. Imagine my surprise to find out that we were seating 8 rows from the stage in a luxury suite section. This section had its own separate bathrooms and snack bars. Lisa was so excited she knew these seats were good but not that good. Here are some scenes from  before the concert.
Gracie, Irena and Beary waiting for the concert to start. Yes Beary even went with us to the concert.

Before the concert you could text and it would show up on the big screen. The girls’ text never came up.

Gracie and Irena holding their tea party signs.

View of the stage from our seats.

The guitar player from the opening act Need to Breathe.
Come back tomorrow night to read about
To read about the awesome performance from an awesome performer.
Miss Taylor Swift

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  1. We went to the concert in July. My daughter is a huge fan and I really enjoyed the concert. She'd be so jealous to hear you were so close to the stage!

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