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If you are like me, now that school is back in session, your life has gotten busier. I love this time of year. It signals going back to work for me but sometimes we get to busy that we forget to reconnect with the ones that we love. More specifically our significant others. Here are some tips that even if you only have five minutes to reconnect you can still do.


  • Set your alarm five minutes early for some extra cuddling time.
  • Smile at each other. Letting your loved one know that you still care.
  • Hold hands while watching television. Even if you don’t like the show your loved one is watching you can at least sit down for five minutes to hold their hands.
  • Grab your partner for a spontaneous dance when your favorite song plays on the radio. I do this quite often with Raul, especially when we both are in the kitchen cooking dinner together.
  • Send a love email or text each day. Just make sure that your partner knows how to read and open these to avoid embarrassing situations.
  • Give each other a one minute massage. Sometimes that just that touch is all your partner needs to feel that reconnection. To know that they are the only person in the world for you at that moment.
  • Step Outside and Look at the stars. Dancing under the stars is a great way to reconnect as well.
  • Create your own bucket list together. I will have to say that one of the things on my bucket list was to ride a roller coaster and this summer I rode my first and last roller coaster with Raul holding my hand the whole way through.
  • Kiss at least 6 seconds before your leave each other. How cool is that?? I love this one. Often times we are too busy to actually kiss each other good bye so I am going to make a conscious effort to kiss for 6 seconds. I mean 6 seconds is not going to make me any later.

So these are my ideas. Have you found other ways to reconnect? If you have share we all need to reconnect.

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