Will An Automatic Litter Box Save You Money?

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Will An Automatic Litter Box Save You Money from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Cats can be wonderful pets! Having a feline companion in your life comes with all of the perks of cuddles and affection one could want. But with the good comes the bad, scooping out their litter! For these masters of independence, they certainly seem to rely on us to handle their litter box needs. Most pet owners can agree that cleaning up cat poop is one of their least favorite tasks, especially if you’ve got a fur family of multiple cats. Fortunately, the pet Gods are listening and they’ve gifted the world the beauty of the automatic litter box. To put it simply, an automatic litter box is a fully electric litter box built with either sensors or timers to routinely sift away dirty litter and leave a fresh bed ready for the next bathroom trip. Essentially a cat toilet from the future (seriously!). 

But high-tech often accompanies high price points. Let’s take a look into some of the top of line automatic litter boxes and how their investment can save you money in the long run.

Will An Automatic Litter Box Save You Money?

An automatic litter box is often seen as the ultimate two for one saver. These devices are efficient enough to maximize your time and save you some cash where it counts. The initial costs may be quite a bit more than a regular litter box, but their long term savings could be a justifiable incentive.

Designed with highly optimized technology these devices have been tailor-made to reduce wasted litter, maximize their energy efficiency, or even eliminate the need for new litter at all (we’ll discuss). 

Ultimately the trade-off of a high-priced investment can be worth the cost-effective features of a self-cleaning litter box over time.

The Best Automatic Litter Boxes

ChillX AutoEgg 

Will An Automatic Litter Box Save You Money from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

The ChillX AutoEgg is a new model to the market offering an assortment of high-tech features with the most energy-efficient motor available. Using only 1 kWh of energy per 500 cycles the AutoEgg is a top tier product in terms of an eco-friendly (and cost-friendly) initiative.

While some units offer a significantly cheaper price point compared to the AutoEgg ($399) the ongoing costs for replacement litter trays or filters can quickly run you hundreds of dollars more than the unit itself. With the AutoEgg the only disposable item you’ll ever need is the waste drawer liner. ChillX offers its own brand of 100% biodegradable liners for your convenience or you can use any old plastic bag from home.

To top it off with even more cost savings the AutoEgg is compatible with the cheapest form of litter available, hard-clumping clay-based cat litter. 

No fancy crystals, paper, or corn-based litters for these guys!

  • AutoEgg performs self-cleaning four times a day at 3 & 9 am/pm in addition to after every bathroom trip.
  • Uses only 1 kWh of energy per 500 cycles.
  • Optimized motor for noise reduction and litter preservation.
  • No fancy litter needed.
  • Very few ongoing costs.
  • Not compatible with other forms of litter.
  • No filter to ventilate the waste drawer. 

Litter robot

Will An Automatic Litter Box Save You Money from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

The Litter Robot is a highly efficient rotating device that maximizes its process by shifting on an axis to filter out the dirty litter and make sure to save anything that may be salvageable.

Similar to the AutoEgg, this unit requires no specialty litters and operates using a similar system with its waste drawer and required liners (again something you can just grab from around the house if needed).

While much larger and not quite as energy-efficient as the ChillX model this unit does offer a superior system in terms of preserving the litter for as long as possible, saving you money in the long run.

In addition to the liners, you’ll need to replace the carbon filters for the waste drawer every so often which could add up over time. Not a massive expense but with a $499 price point the Litter Robot is a hefty investment from the get-go.

  • Optimized system to minimize wasting any litter.
  • Very few disposable items (liners & filters).
  • No fancy litter is required.
  • High tier price point ($499).
  • Large in size and less energy efficient.
  • Carbon filters will need routine replacements.

PetSafe ScoopFree Ultra 

Will An Automatic Litter Box Save You Money from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

The ScoopFree is another horizontal raking system similar to that of the AutoEgg. While they’ve yet to publish their energy efficiency stats, the horizontal raking system tends to be the most cost-effective in terms of electrical usage due to it’s the slow and steady approach.

Although this unit is most definitely the most “low priced” on our list (starting at just $99) there is a catch. The ScoopFree works with replaceable litter trays lined with crystal litter beds that can help absorb odors. While effective, these trays will need to be placed once every other week or so and will run you close to $90 for a 4 pack.

Ultimately, despite the initial savings in the low price point the ongoing expenses of replacing these litter trays can quickly add up and even surpass the costs of the Litter Robot within a matter of months!

  • A horizontal raking system is an energy-efficient option.
  • The extremely low price point for an automatic litter box ($99).
  • Replacement litter trays can add up quickly and run you hundreds.


Will An Litter Box Save You Money from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

The CatGenie is a unique system that uses reusable granules as litter and triggers a 30 minute self-cleaning to trap, wash, drain, and dry the litter before replacing it.

This system, while not quite as energy-efficient, certainly tops our list in terms of waste reduction. Using a cold water line the unit sifts dirty litter into a separate compartment to thoroughly wash it and then reuse it for up to 120 cycles before needing a replacement.

While this unit is a mid to high price point ($289) it does offer the benefit of not having to buy or replace your litter on a routine basis which is a major win for long-term savings.

Our major concern in terms of cost? Accidents. If those granules get into your drainage system you may be looking at a repair job that can run you more than the cost of the unit itself.

  • Reuses the same granules for over 100 cycles.
  • No disposable item aside from the filter.
  • Potential to clog your drainage system.
  • Filters will need to be replaced roughly every 90 days.


Automatic litter boxes can feel like a costly investment. But when you weigh out the long term benefits and savings you’ll find that most of the top tier units have mastered the art of the frugal. 

Think about it, machines are designed for efficiency so it should come as no surprise that any of the units we’ve listed are pros in terms of minimizing waste and maximizing effect when it comes to saving you money.

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