CBDs as Alternate and Effective Therapy for Your Pets

CBDs as Alternate and Effective Therapy for Your Pets From North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Cannabidiol (CBD) has brought happiness to pet owners. CBD treats for dogs, cats, and other pets. This therapeutic compound is now widely accepted as an alternative therapy regimen for pets and is non-psychoactive. These are cannabis-based and offer a broad spectrum of health benefits that include healing and pain relief. The therapeutic power is believed to be a great relief for the ones suffering from debilitating pain, some forms of chronic illnesses, and anxiety or depression-related behaviors. Any medication course should be administered after consultation with the vet. However, here is an introduction to the types of CBDs available and ways to manage them.

CBD Oil can be administered both externally as well as internally. There are tinctures, edibles, and oils as well as creams and salves. The oil has a low dosage of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and therefore doesn’t have any psychoactive effects.

 CBD Oil Extracts

The oil extracts are much more potent, and dosages can be administered in precise proportions. As a pet owner, you can thus control the amount that your pet ingests. In addition, the oil form is considered to be more effective than other edibles. Just be sure that you are using the right oil. They come in two varieties, one with and the other without THC. Some companies do not use the THC component as some practitioners believe that it can be a threat to pets. However, the other camp believes that without the use of the full-spectrum, therapy may not be adequate. The best option is to always consult your vet. Also, ensure that the manufacturer from whom you procure the medicine uses reputable sources and is certified by a third-party lab.

CBD Tinctures

Milder symptoms are best treated with tinctures. These could be things like stress, nausea, muscular pains. Tinctures are also liquid extracts but are mixed with vegetable oils, glycerin, and alcohol. Administered orally using a bottle and a dropper, you would just place a few drops under the tongue. They come in multiple flavors these days and provide immediate relief as the medicine gets absorbed quickly into the bloodstream.

CBD Edibles

As a pet owner, there would have been many times when you faced difficulty administering medicine to your pet. As soon as you open their mouth to give them a tincture, they turn tail and run away. If provided with meals, they would diligently finish off the meal but leave the medicine untouched. An easy option in such cases is to use edibles. Edibles are attractive as they are flavored and are prepared using CBD extracts mixed with dog treats. Edibles, however, take a longer time to be absorbed into the bloodstream and therefore longer for the medicine to react. It is therefore prudent to wait and observe for any reactions before you administer anymore. With edibles, it is also difficult to gauge the exact amount of medicine or dosage delivered. Overeating edibles can, therefore, lead to severe complications. When starting off, administer in small quantities, observe, and slowly you can increase the dosage.

CBD Topicals

Used only for external application, they are typically used for body aches and joint pains that deliver localized relief. Even some form of skin allergies is treated using CBD Topicals. Topicals are considered to be a traditional remedy and are mixed with essential oils and herbal extracts. The potency levels are much more moderate than those used in oil and are an excellent option for continued use throughout the day.

Side-effects of CBD

All medications, even those used by humans are known to have side effects. Potentially dangerous situations usually occur from overdosing, and it can be serious for pets too. One of the most reported side effects on the consumption of CBD is drowsiness. Other reported complications include vomiting and excessive itching. Vets say that most complications happen if the medication contains chocolate, coffee or raisins. In any event, if you see any such reaction or if the effects seem to linger for a long time, it is advisable to take your pet to the vet immediately and consult them than take any decision independently. When administering CBD based medication to your pet, pay extreme attention to dosing and observation. Any noticeable change in behavior and habits or rise in sensitivity should be followed by stopping the medication immediately. Overdosing or the wrong usage has resulted in life-threatening situations, though they are very rare.

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