Superhero Powers With This Rein Coat

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Guess who is back?? I know it has been a long time since my last blog post but let’s face it my mommy is getting a little slack in pitching products for me to try out. ( Oh Crap! I hope she doesn’t read this . Oh well!! It will be our little secret if she doesn’t 😉 ) I have been enjoying my time running around the yard and visiting my Nana she needs me now more than ever now that my Grampie is gone. Visiting my Nana involves me riding in a car and unlike most dogs I don’t really like to go for rides unless someone is holding me.  I shake. So when my mommy got this new coat for me called the Rein Coat I was little skeptical plus I like to play the spoiled brat sometimes and be held. Who am I kidding I am spoiled?

rein coat

The Rein Coat came in my favorite color BLUE. Bet you didn’t know that I had a favorite color did you? But when Gracie and Mommy tried to put it on me I was like what the heck is this thing? Of course being humans like they are they put it on wrong to begin with? Yep those are my people for you. After they finally watched the video on the website and they put it on me the right way  we went to test it outside.

I felt like I was a super hero with a cape. Mommy and Gracie called me Bat Dog. I wasn’t even scared of my other fur sister, Markie, and you know I don’t like cats.

rein coat

I love how it let me feel comfortable in my own skin and that it felt cool to my fur. Because let’s face it I have a lot of fur. I also loved riding in the car to see my Nana to show it off. The only thing that I didn’t like is that it didn’t come with printed instructions that would have saved a lot of humiliation on my part. But other than that I love my new super hero costume. So if you have a pet that is scared of its own shadow – ( embarrassed to raise a paw here.) Then check out the Rein Coat and you have a super hero pet as well.

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rein coat



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  1. So cute! What a lucky doggie! Great for harsh weather! My dog needs one in extra large! Heck, I could wear it! Nice job! SO much info!

  2. That is such a cute little coat! I have all big dogs and I imagine they would never let me put a coat on them but this is great for small dogs!

  3. Actually they have them in big dog sizes as well. They are custom made to fit your dog.

  4. Cute and Interesting way to Blog …lol Seems like quite an adventure between grandma’s house to back home. You do look stylish in the Rein Coak

  5. I do not have a dog but if I did I so would have to have this. Super cute!

  6. Aw, my parents’ little Willie Nelson needs a coat like that! He’s so tiny, he gets cold pretty easily.

  7. Ha, it’s a cute coat and a cute little doggie too. 🙂 I think it’s fun when the pets get dressed up too.

  8. I’ve never heard of this rein coat before and your doggie looks like he truly is enjoying his new cape.

  9. Okay that is just adorable. My dogs are going to need these! I think they would love them.

  10. Very cute and I am glad to see it worked. Happy to be co-hosting with you at #HomeMattersParty

  11. Funny! She sure looks like a superhero for real! Happy to be co-hosting Home Matters linky party with you!

  12. OMG! So cute! Nice raincoat! I will try it on my puppy. I’m sure that he will love it. Thanks for sharing those cutie pictures of your dog.

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