Style Tips All New Mommies Need

Becoming a mom brings about a lot of huge feelings. You’re excited and happy, but also terrified and stressed. During this time, when a lot of things are changing, the way you feel about yourself is often one of the things that are very different. You have a new status as a mom, and you also have a new body. When you’re thinking about what to wear, you need to dress practically, but you also want to feel good. You don’t want to feel like a frumpy parent wearing sweats and a T-shirt all the time, just in case you get puked on. Even though you might need to adjust your style a little, you don’t have to change it completely.

styling tips for new mommies
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Dress for Comfort and Practicality

Even though it might seem a little boring, the first rule of dressing as a new mom is to think practically. Babies can be messy, and you can feel pretty messy for a while too. Clothes that you can easily wash and that won’t stain will help you out during the first few months at least (and the same goes for your baby). You should feel comfortable too, whether that means not having something digging into your skin or not feeling too self-conscious when you go out. But remember that dressing practically doesn’t have to mean that you have no style.

Buy an Affordable New Wardrobe

Both you and your baby could go through several outfit changes a day on some days. You can try all you like to stay clean, but with diaper explosions, milk leaking, and spit-up, it can be a struggle to stay clean. If you need to change a little more often, it makes sense to have some more clothes to change into. Use cheap boutiques to add stylish items to your wardrobe without spending too much. It’s easy to find places online to find clothes you like. Choose things you can mix and match, so it’s simple to swap out one part of your outfit if you need to.

styling tips new mommies
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Don’t Lose Your Style

Dressing with a bit more consideration for your comfort and practicality doesn’t mean you need to lose your style. However, you might want to work on evolving it so that it fits in with your new lifestyle. Being a mom changes your life, and you can’t deny that, but you can still be your own person too. You might find that you naturally start to be drawn towards different clothes that suit your tastes but are also more suitable for your new life as a mom.

Embrace Your New Body

Being pregnant and having a baby changes your body. While you might lose some weight and tone up after, it usually takes a while for most new mothers to make changes and some things are going to be different forever. Whether you want to lose the baby weight or not, working on embracing your new body will help you feel good about yourself. Don’t worry too much about clothes sizes or weight if you can.

As a new mom, you should feel happy and comfortable both inside and out. Find your new style if you want to feel great.

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