Why is Fingerprint Jewelry on Trend?

Why is Fingerprint Jewelry in Trend from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Jewelry is a symbol of confidence and beauty, and it is something that can be traced back to our ancient times. Throughout history, beautiful stones and elements have adorned humans in bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings, and many more, and they have evolved differently ever since. As it is valid for everything else, what is new today becomes old tomorrow, we as a civilization have constantly tried to push innovation in everything. In an age where personalization as customer service is the norm, fingerprint jewelry engraves a touch of personality. 

As the term suggests, Fingerprint Jewelry is jewelry that has the fingerprints of the owner or the person it is intended to engraved on it. Cool right? One can get their fingerprints engraved on any jewelry piece, be it a necklace or a ring. If you want to gift or buy customized jewelry with your fingerprints on it, think not and get one at Dimples.

But if you are still not sold on the idea of fingerprint jewelry, let me list out the reason why fingerprint jewelry is in trend.

Modern Concept

Fingerprint Jewelry is a modern concept. Anything that has the touch of contemporary times is bound to become a big thing, and when it comes to jewelry, people always want to get behind the new ways of presenting themselves. As already mentioned, the concept of fingerprints engraved in the jewelry has never been seen before. Even if it has been a part of high craftsmanship and exclusively made for a particular section of people, now it has come to the masses.


Well, are there any arguments that can refute the uniqueness of fingerprint jewelry? The answer is no, it will always stay unique. It can never become generic like traditional jewelry. Do you know why? Because it carries fingerprints. Fingerprints are unique to every individual, there are no double copies of anyone’s fingerprint. Every individual differs in their carbon makeup. Therefore, jewelry that has fingerprints on it can never become ordinary. Indeed, People can have the same design, but they will never be alike.

Personal touch

As already mentioned earlier, we live in an age of personalization, and the market is pushing for personalized customer experience and products. Fingerprint Jewelry is one step forward in that direction for jewelry and the people. Jewelry used to (and they still) add personality to people but fingerprint jewelry reverses that order. Now you can add your character on the jewelry.


We love beauty, we love what is unique and because it has a certain aesthetics associated with it, that is why we are attracted to it. Why is jewelry for if not to endow their grace onto our bodies?

There are many more reasons why fingerprint jewelry is on the wishlist of many people. Nevertheless, it suffices to say that whatever the reasons, it still has the same purpose but with an added dimension to it, and that is the personal touch.

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