Stylish but Casual – 5 plus size outfit ideas

If all plus-size goddesses had a dollar for every outfit we’re told not to wear, we’d all have millions to splurge. Fashion advice often disguises demeaning comments telling us to hide our covers and drive attention from our “problem areas.” 

Ladies, any advice that makes you feel bad about your body is toxic, and you must turn a blind eye to it immediately. 

As the wise Meghan Trainor says, every inch of you is perfect, from the bottom to the top! You see, fashion transcends the narrow confines of the size range, allowing you to discover exciting ways of self-expression. 

Styling is an opportunity to reveal your personality with quirky pops of color, chic accessories, and flattering outfits. 

Certain clothing choices make us feel more belittled and less appealing than others. It’s always wise to brim up one’s wardrobe with outfits that allow you to channel your inner goddess sans restraints. Keep reading to explore some plus-size-friendly outfit ideas that will have you feeling like a queen. 

  1. High-Waist Statements 

Do people constantly tell you to drive attention away from your waist by covering it up in multiple layers? It’s time to burn this piece of advice and watch it go up in flames while flaunting waist-cinching statements. 

High-waist bottoms, such as denim jeans, pencil skirts, and flared pants, will help you reclaim your power and confidence. 

We love how hight-waist statements tuck in that gently-protruding muffin top to give our curves some much-needed structure. Instead of covering your waist beneath layers, flaunt it proudly with a shapely appeal that does justice to your curves. 

And for that, you need to invest in the best plus size jeans with a high-waist flair and comfortable seams. Ladies, the right pair of jeans that fits you like a dream is a definite must-have. 

Finding the right size in jeans can prove horridly disappointing as most retailers don’t cater to the broad spectrum of plus-size ranges. We advise investing in at least two pairs of jeans to enjoy versatility and functionality in your wardrobe. 

Also, consider investing in other high-waist bottoms, such as straight and wide-leg pants and pencil skirts. These waist-cinching outfits will have you oozing out confidence and power by accentuating your curves with a shapely appeal. 

  1. Color Blocking Mantra 

We’ve all heard of tips and tricks that bring out the best in our curves. While most of these tricks don’t work, some work wonders, and color-blocking is a powerful technique to express your creativity in everyday outfits. 

This technique revolves around two or three bold and vibrant colors that layered in a strategic blend. 

It’s a straightforward technique that allows you to play with all the bright and bold shades that you love sans restraint. You can mix three different shades to create a vibrant contrast to beat the awful Monday blues with an eccentric pop. 

Let’s make it simpler by implementing the rule of two-thirds. 

Now, you must imagine your outfit as an equilateral triangle to balance out the look with adequate proportions. Choose one color as the base, and add two more complementary hues as the two corners of your triangle. 

Contrast is key when putting together a color-block outfit. You can experiment with bright shades of pink and throw a deep blue into the mix to jazz it up. Or you can explore red and burgundy with a pop of yellow. 

The sky is the limit when one starts exploring exciting color block combinations. Melissa McCarthy is the queen of color-blocking if you need some inspiration, and her outfits are always on point. 

  1. Play up your Patterns 

Do you usually shy away from patterns and crowded prints, fearing they’ll drive attention to your curves? Ladies, this shyness is nothing short of a cardinal fashion sin, and this faux pas is denying you freedom of expression. 

Contrary to what most believe, patterns create an aura of refinement and envelop your curves with a seal of chicness. 

It’s time to brim up your wardrobe with all the patterns and prints you adore. Add some plaid, gingham, stripes, polka dots, and checkered patterns to your daily outfits. You can play up your patterns against a style-savvy combination of solids to create a voguish appeal. 

For instance, plaid pants look gorgeous with a bottle turtleneck sweater. You can also pair a checkered blazer with a floral printed blouse and plain bottoms.  

  1. Bodycon Fiesta 

You can’t consider yourself a plus-size fashionista if no one has ever told you to stay away from the bodycon fit. The mainstream fashion industry seems to have an agenda against plus-size goddesses rocking their curves in bodycon dresses. 

And ladies, we urge you to dismantle this agenda by owning your curves in a sleek bodycon statement. 

Truth be told, the bodycon dress is meant for voluptuous and sensual curves. Just look at the outfits flaunted by the Kardashian sisters, and you’ll find bodycon in almost everything they wear. 

Bodycon fits cinch up the waist and accentuate our curves with a sensual appeal. It’s all about tailoring, and if you’re struggling to embrace your body, it can prove overwhelming. 

But once you channel the confidence to put on a bodycon dress, it will empower you beyond belief. You can pair up a black bodycon dress with a plaid button-down, knotted at the waist. 

Or you can imitate Kim K’s signature look by pairing a nude bodycon dress with strappy nude heels and glamorous bedhead waves. 

  1. Ruffle it Up! 

Ruffles are gorgeously chic, and they give our everyday outfits a ramp-ready appeal without trying too hard. However, plus-sized beauties are often told to avoid ruffles to play down their bust. Why play it down when you have such curves? 

Ruffled blouses, dresses, and sleeves are all the rage, and there’s no good reason for you to miss out on this trend. They are an excellent styling essential to add some feminine energy to your workwear attire. We advise pairing up a ruffled blouse with sleek leather pants and knee-high boots. 

Final Thoughts 

Have you noticed that nearly all the outfits we’ve recommended feature clothing staples plus-sized women are told not to wear? That’s a deliberate move because any advice that reduces your styling options is toxic. 

You must flaunt anything and everything that appeals to your aesthetic sense and brims you with confidence. 

Dressing for confidence is a mantra that can truly revolutionize your styling game. But it all boils down to embracing and loving your curves. You can only do justice to your curves once you fall in love with yourself.

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