Where to Wear Your Gaghra Choli

Where to Wear Your Gaghra Choli

Whether it’s your first or fifth time shopping for a gaghra choli, the experience of finding the perfect fit is never any less exciting, meaningful, and empowering. With so many different patterns, fabrics, and colors to choose from, searching for a gaghra choli is like looking for a beautiful work of art in a room full of masterpieces – no matter what you choose, the end result will be breathtaking. 

Thankfully, a gaghra choli can serve as gorgeous attire for a wide variety of events and gatherings. Its loose-fitting design makes it versatile and easy to find a style that works well for you and your body type. And of course, the variety of colors makes it simple to find the right fit for either one special occasion or a go-to piece for more everyday events. 

Gaghra cholis have been worn for centuries by women in a variety of settings and communities, from Jain nuns to new brides. Though they have long been thought of as the less extravagant choice, more and more high-fashion houses and collections have been shining a light on them in recent years, proving how ornately beautiful and exquisite they truly are. 

So where, specifically, can you wear your gaghra choli? The answer is quite simple: pretty much anywhere. With its customizable, accessible nature and variety of aesthetic options to choose from, it can easily be anyone’s go-to traditional attire. 

Some people still confuse gaghra cholis and lehenga cholis. Depending on who you ask, they may be used interchangeably – and this is fair, considering the differences between the two are very minor. However, generally speaking, lehenga cholis are a bit more form-fitting and more often seen during special events.

Whereas a lehenga choli is typically only worn for more formal occasions and weddings, a gaghra choli is much more versatile. Here are a few occasions you may find yourself wanting to don yours: 

On an everyday basis

Ghaghra is a traditional skirt worn on a day-to-day basis, especially in certain parts of India. You may see them quite often on women from Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana, or Rajasthan. Since they are very loose-fitting, and often made with simple fabrics like cotton, they bode well on an everyday basis. Their versatility and looseness also make them ideal for a wide variety of climates, casual occasions, and family gatherings. 

Moreover, their versatility and accessibility extend to the look and feel, as well. Though an extravagant gaghra is far from uncommon, they are often made with very simple patterns, fabrics, and colors that work well in a variety of everyday settings.  


Though the lehenga choli is often what comes to mind when we think of wedding attire, a gaghra choli is worn just as frequently. When worn as a bride or guest at a wedding, the gaghra choli will often be much more ornate, with mirrors, beads, sequins, vibrant colors, and other glamorous details. Brocade work and silks are also popular features of a wedding-appropriate gaghra choli. In fact, their loose-fitting nature arguably makes them a bit more comfortable for long wedding ceremonies and celebrations. 

Cultural festivals and celebrations

Attend any Diwali festival and you’re bound to be surrounded by hundreds of beautiful gaghra cholis – and it’s a safe bet that no two gaghra cholis will be exactly alike. 

Since festivals are so high-energy and crowded, the airy, light nature of the gaghra choli is perfect for the occasion. In fact, did you know that gaghra cholis are the traditional dresses of Gujarat’s Garba and Navratri festivals? Garba is a dance that traditionally celebrates womanhood, fertility, and an array of mother goddesses, making it a culturally rich and profound ritual that necessitates a colorful, powerful breadth of attire. 

Family gatherings

As previously mentioned, the gaghra choli is a traditional piece of cultural attire worn throughout certain regions of India. If you are visiting family from out of the country, or have family visiting you, a gaghra choli is often a great choice for family-centric gatherings and reunions. 

Additionally, the tradition behind the gaghra choli is undeniably beautiful. While the process of designing, trying on, and wearing your brand-new gaghra choli is exciting in itself, there is something so special about scenarios in which a gaghra choli is passed down between family members. No matter what color, size, or adornments a gaghra choli comes with, the knowledge that it represents a timeless and meaningful tradition makes the feeling of wearing one so empowering and illuminating. 

In fact, next time you attend a family gathering, look around at your loved ones and ask how long they’ve had theirs, why they chose the colors and patterns they did, and where else they’ve worn them. Chances are, their stories will be just as vibrant and fascinating as the people themselves. 

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