The Top 5 Irresistible Fashion Trends In Apparels For Moms


The Top 5 Irresistible Fashion Trends In Apparels For Moms from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Wanna maintain a bold sense of style even at a woman of your age? Then you should know the hottest trends in the world of fashion today. Get to know the cheap and classy apparels for all the mothers out there. Here are the top 5 irresistible fashion trends in apparels for moms for 2017.


  1. Silk blouses – Silk fabric comes always in style regardless of the age group you belong into. And this year you’re in for a treat as there are blouses which are made for mommies like you. The design inspiration came from the dress styles associated in the 70’s and 80’s and they were updated with the use of bright colors to bring out a modern look in every maternal woman.
  2. Maxi dresses – Another fashion must have that is coming out in the open is the wide use of maxi dresses. This elegant style of dress can be worn as casual clothing and can also be used as an occasional dress to grace a certain event. Maxi dresses come in various cuts and colors to bring out that woman fashionista in you.
  3. Floral and animal printed apparels – If you wanna be ‘in’ this 2017 then dare to don any outfit that has floral and animal prints. Expose your inner charisma and be a trendy mom wearing an animal printed dress or blouses with floral designs. It depicts a sense of coolness as these designs go well with the main color of the years which is green.
  4. Long dresses –  A woman of your age will be able to flaunt your way wearing this kind of dress. Let’s face it, being a mom requires a bit of modesty in dresses and wearing a mini skirt is no longer appropriate for your age and stature. So as much as possible, wear something below the knees like these long dresses and you’ll be able to maintain a gorgeous look even if you’re way past your teenage years.
  5. Corporate attires – This is copied from the recent trend that is going on in Hollywood today as more and more celebrity moms dared expose the corporate style in front of the camera. Some of the hottest star moms like J-Lo and Beyonce have just attended a celebrity function wearing corporate blazers and sleek-looking slacks to pair with lovely pump shoes and handy clutch bags. If they can easily pull off with this kind of look, then why can you?

Note: We got all this idea from TheGreenGuide Bridal Store so feel free to visit their site for more information about this. Before wearing anything mentioned in this post, it’s important to know the shape of your body and your fashion preference so that you’ll be able to pick the right apparel and turn yourself into a “yummy” mom that even your husband can’t resist looking at you over and over.

Even if you have already graced your family with kids and embracing your role as a mom, you can still manage to look as hot and sexy by following the latest fashion trends in apparels for moms in 2017. It’s never too old to be a fashionista so don’t be afraid to be updated with your look so that everyone will appreciate you more and more.

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