What kind of bag do you like?

Hi my name is Melissa; I am a Frugal Mom and also a handbag junkie. Yep the bigger the handbags the better they are. My favorite handbags are the ones that give me enough room to carry around my wallet, keys, a few snacks and my camera. Being a blogger I always have to have my camera on hand for a story so big handbags are a must for me.

I also like bags that I can use year round. I never know when the mood will strike me to change out my handbags, so having bags that are not season specific are must. But the question is what do I look for in a bag? First it has to be roomy with at least one compartment. They must have a zipper; I cannot count how many times I have spilled my purse out. Can you say embarrassed? Yes I admit I am a klutz. A major must have in a bag is that it has to have straps. I love to keep my hands free when I am shopping. What is your favorite type of handbag? Are you one that more is better or less is better? I would love to know what your favorite type of handbag is.



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