Holiday Help in The Dairy Aisle

AFM dairy aisle


Yesterday I told you about all the goodies available in the freezer aisle, today we are going to take a trip over the dairy aisle for more holiday help. Whether you are throwing a big holiday bash or having an intimate get together with friends the dairy aisle will help to take the stress out of the festivities. Just look at what goodies can be found there.

You can find cubed cheese and herbed cream cheese that will go great with crackers. Arrange these on a festive tray with some toothpicks and instant appetizers. There are also sour cream and other dips for those chips and cut up veggies. Look by fancy and keep it simple. Most people care more about spending time with you than what they are eating. Oh and we can not forget those of us who have a sweet tooth ( I am shamefully raising my hand) there is ready to bake cookie dough ( which I am sad to say never seems to make it into my oven to be baked before it is devoured), puddings, Jello, and any kind of flavor of yogurt that your heart would want.

So this holiday season think more about spending time with your guests and go simple and easy than be stressed out over what dish did not turn out just the way you have planned. Let’s make this holiday season about spending time with friends and family and not get caught up in all the other trappings.

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