What is Stoozing?

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You’ve probably heard of “stoozing” when it comes to credit cards; but just in case you haven’t, it’s the practice of borrowing money usually at an interest rate of 0% for a new credit card as the company tries to lure you in. You then place the cash in some interest bearing account and profit from the interest, paying the cash back before the end of the 0% period.
Now when it comes to repeating this broad principle in the world of online gaming, you can do so – and it can make a lot of sense, but only if you’re extremely careful and trust your own self-discipline.
The reason this is an opportunity in the online casino world is due to the competitiveness of the industry. This is excellent news for us consumers since the introductory welcome bonuses, as well as the player loyalty bonuses and the “refer a friend” bonuses seem to be growing all the time as the big boys compete for our business.
Similarly, the progressive jackpots they have on offer are also growing continually with some players’ wins running into the millions.
Now depending on the size of the intro bonus on offer, a little online casino stoozing can make statistical and financial sense. That’s because some casino games approach odds of 50-50, like European style roulette, whilst other games like blackjack offer similar odds if you’re playing a steady system.

Some slots games can also pay well if you play a percentage game. You can play real Vegas style slot games here, for example, on a site that will also give you an exceedingly generous 200% bonus, to a maximum of £200, when you register. In other words, the welcome bonus is equivalent to backing a 2-1 winner straight away so if you play casino games that are close to being even money bets, you should be able to play on for a while at a profit – before deciding when to bank the cash.

But it gets better still; the same site (bgo) also gives registered players 20% cash back each week, so this helps tilt the odds further in your favour – completely overcoming the house edge if you you’re your cards right – depending on how long you decide to play, of course.

Online gaming can be a great way to wind down once the kids have gone to bed and it does make sense to do a little stoozing here – registering with the most generous sites you can find, collecting the bonuses on offer and playing a careful percentage game in whatever your chosen online casino games are. Alternatively, you may decide to play games with big progressive jackpots for the chance of a real life-changing win.

So … what’s the problem? Well the inherent danger here lies in the fact that you will very probably enjoy quite a few big wins on the way at the games you select, and if you’re weak-willed when it comes to having a gamble, you could wind up chasing your losses as the big wins are so thrilling. This is dangerous stuff; you should never stake more than you can comfortably afford to lose.

So if you have any doubts about your self-discipline here, then walk away or only play for small amounts you can easily afford to lose.

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  1. Thanks for the link! I have calculated that stoozing on a credit card will make me about £125 over a year.
    Stoozing with these offers has been hugely lucrative for me – i@m about £500 up on just one site, however as you say it can be a dangerous game to play. Plenty of willpower, self discipline and common sense is required to avoid losing out.
    First I have heard of your blog but I have enjoyed what I have read so far – will check back for more!

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