Weekend Getaway Ideas



There are many ideas for weekend getaways that do not have to cost you an arm and a leg. I have found that the best trips are not the most expensive planned out trips but they are the spur of the moment, pack a lunch and spend the day away kind of trips. My husband and I have recently started to attend wine tastings on our weekend date. It allows us some couple time as well as a chance for us to do what we enjoy. But if wine tasting is not your cup of tea there are other weekend getaways that are just as affordable. Here is a list of getaways that we have done in the past. The first is look around your town, county or state and see if there are local museums that allow for free admission. Our state capital has many of these so we pack a lunch and take in the museums and eat on the grounds. There are so many museums like that if we chose we could stay overnight at one the hotels and spend the next day at the museums as well. Also our state zoo offers a membership for a set amount of money each year but with this membership comes unlimited visits to the zoo and other attractions within our state. We push it sometime taking the zoo in all in one day. Also I want to tell you about our favorite getaway and that is to the beach. We normally pack lunches and go and enjoy nature at its best. When you are planning your getaways just remember you do not have to spend a lot of money to have a great time.


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