UTI Relief In A Little Pill



Did you know that according to a research study done by the Mayo Clinic; half of all women will develop or have had a urinary tract infection (UTI) during their lifetimes. There are also a number of women who will have this more than once in their lifetime. With that in mind did you know that there is an over-the-counter (OTC) medication designed to help ease the pain and the discomfort a woman feels when she is suffering from a UTI. It is the only OTC medication with an antibacterial agent for UTI’s. This not only assists with treating the infection but also helps to contain it as well.

How does it work you ask? You simply take two tablets, which by the way are easy to swallow, with a full glass of water three times a day. It is for adults and children who are 12 years and older. It is recommended drinking plenty of water while on this medication but that is okay water is good for you. It helps numb the pain and burning sensations and it is a great course of action to use until you can get into to see your doctor.

Where can I buy these great little pills? Cystex Plus Urinary Pain Relief Tablets are available at drug, grocery stores, and online on their website.

To learn more about Cystex products you can check out their website, Facebook, twitter, and blog.

I have not recently suffered from a UTI but one of my daughters has and this stuff worked like a charm. I helped ease that need to itch.

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