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Yesterday I shared with you the awesome deals I got at Goodwill. You can read it here.  Today I am going to tell you how I made 4 new pillows for around $5.00. I found these pillows for $1.29 at Goodwill. I remember seeing on television that even if you do not like the pattern if they are  good price then pick them up because you can’t make pillows any cheaper than that. I was able to recover these 4 pillows using fabric and ribbon I had on hand. ( Leftover scraps yes I admit I am a pack rat.) So the only thing that  I was out was the money for the pillow. I have been looking for pillows to put on my porch and for another project we are working on. I covered the pillows with the fabric, folding in two sides and then the other two sides. And guess what I did after that?? I stapled the fabric. Yes I said stapled. Every year I end up recovering my outside pillows so I decided to see how long these would hold up. Here are some pictures of the finished project.

My favorite is the pink polka dot one with the zebra ribbon. Could you tell they were stapled?? Here is a view of the staples.

I put very few  staples in the material. This pillow and the green check one is going to be for another project that we are working on but the stripe ones are for our front porch.  Oh and by the way the tulle I reused from my daughter’s sweet 16 party. Look for how I saved here and how I reused it again here.  Yes I have reused this particular item 3 times now. Check out the pillows on my front porch.

Just the right pop of color for my green chairs. Oh did I tell you that this fabric was actually a tablecloth.  You can read about the deal I got on my front table and chairs here.

What have done to reuse items today??

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