The Living Room To Die For

Disclosure: My older two girls and I were the guests of Sonesta ES Suites in Charlotte this weekend. However, that does not change our views on how much we loved our mini apartment.

a living room to die for

Yesterday I told you about the kitchen in our mini apartment for the weekend. Now we are moving on to the living room.The design of the living room was so elegant and modern and I absolutely fell in love at first sight. The colors were so in line with my color choices.

Living Suite

The couch aka sofa was very comfortable and you wouldn’t think that a leather one would be. All three of us cuddled on this sofa and shared lots of laughs on Saturday night. We found out after exploring that it also a sleeper sofa.

stools as coffee tables

Their use of tools for a coffee table was genius. In fact, it has made me on the look out for tools so I can recreate this look in my own home.  Oh and those curtains. I just wanted to take them and pack them in my suitcase. But I didn’t.

reading nook

Not only did the living room have a place to sit it also had a cute little reading nook. I sat there for two mornings doing my devotionals as it not only was very comfortable but the view out of the window was breathtaking. Normally when you stay at a hotel you have the standard view but not this one.

the view from the living room

Our room overlooked a courtyard that not only was nicely landscaped but also overlooked the pool, two separate seating areas, as well as a gazebo which held grills for barbecuing. I know what you are thinking wow that is a lot of stuff but wait I am not done. Right across from the couch aka sofa a flat screen television was mounted on the wall above a desk.

desk with flat screen

So to say this living room was to die for would be an understatement. It was absolutely breathtaking and stunning and I hated to leave when our weekend was up. Check back tomorrow when we encounter the bedrooms and bathrooms in our suite.

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