Unusual Uses for Household Food Items

Unusual Uses for Household Food Items from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Growing up, my mom always told me to be as resourceful as possible. She drilled that idea into my head. She told me to limit my waste as much as possible. This is a lesson that I’ve tried to instill with my own children, as well. I always make sure my kids use every last drop in the shampoo bottle and recycle everything they can. My children are also aware of every unusual use for household food items. As it turns out, you can use so many common household food items in various ways. 


Everyone has nutmeg in the kitchen pantry. I use it all the time when I bake treats for my kids’ classrooms. However, nutmeg isn’t just a delicious spice—it also has many different and beneficial uses. For example, if you put nutmeg in a warm glass of milk before bed, you might get a better night’s sleep. Researchers have proven that nutmeg can help lessen bad breath, as well. It can kill bacteria that causes gingivitis. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve made my own toothpaste containing nutmeg to freshen my kids’ breath. 


My kids go through a bottle of ketchup every week. It’s always in my fridge, no matter what. Since I buy it so often, I started to wonder if there were any unusual uses for this household food item. It turns out, there are many things ketchup can be used for. Ketchup is very good for polishing silver and copper items. It’s also a great cleaning product for your car because it helps eliminate rust. I’ve even used ketchup to get bad highlights out of my hair. 


I add honey to as many recipes as I can. I love its sweetness and overall taste. Since I love it so much, it’s always at my house. Then, I realized I could use it for other things. For example, it’s perfect for soothing dry skin. My hands are always dry and craving moisture, especially in the winter. So, I consistently use honey to alleviate some of the dryness. I have to tell you—my skin has never been so soft. 

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