Where Has Good Customer Service Gone?


Where has good customer service gone?

The other day I was shopping at our local Walmart, a place where I have been many times before and will go again. I was buying items for the 30-day faith-based detox I start next week. (more on that later). After Gracie and I had grabbed all the things I needed, we made our way to the checkouts.

So we get to the checkouts and wait (several minutes I might add) for the cashier to check out the two people in front of us. When it comes to our turn to check out- mind you items were already out of the cart and waiting to be scanned. The cashier basically tells me ( no asks if it is ok) that he was going to check out the person behind me who I might add had just walked up to the register.

Normally, if he had asked, I would have said no problem, but he didn’t ask- he told me I had to let the lady go in front of me. This girl was a lot younger than me, so I don’t see why she couldn’t have waited.

After he checked her out and I might add he had a very friendly conversation with her- it was my turn. He didn’t speak to me once during the time I was being checked out and acted having to check me out was the biggest bother to him. I fought all the strength I had to tell him- you know what I don’t need these groceries after all and walk out leaving the items for him to deal with but I didn’t, I just bit my tongue.

Where has good customer service gone?

I prayed about this; I have come to the conclusion that I had to write this blog post because he might act like this to someone else. And nobody deserves that kind of treatment.

Oh by the way, I need to mention right after he checked out the young girl, an elderly gentleman walked up and if I had seen him before my items were being scanned I would have let him go in front of me as he only had one item, but did you know the young man cashier, didn’t even mention this person behind me in line.

So tell me have you ever had an experience like this happen to you? Have you ever been a victim of poor customer service?

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