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Folks, I can’t believe that summer is fast approaching. As I am writing this we are currently on Spring Break. Well for Gracie that is. Mikaela is on Spring Break too, but she started her job at the new Chipotle in town so she has to work every day since the break has started. Their official grand opening is Friday.  Spring Break has gotten me thinking of ways that we all can be active this summer and throughout the year.

With Gracie’s Epilepsy, it is hard to find activities outside to do as a family because extreme heat can bring on a seizure. On a side note I totally felt bad for her yesterday, because it was really hot in our house and she felt so sick, almost causing a seizure, but with ice packs, we got her cooled down and she was feeling better after that. ( Why was it so hot you ask? Well, our air conditioning is broken and we have been trying to get ahold of the repair guy for a while. But don’t worry he is coming today.)

Sorry for this distraction but sometimes the mind wanders. So back to summer activities, one of the things we all love to do is spend time outside. So like I said before I am always looking for things to keep us active. I found these really cool inflatable toys. I mean seriously just look at this Leak Proof Water Blob – I so can see us having a ton of fun with this during the hot summer months.

And then there are these zorbing balls. I mean honestly who doesn’t love playing with balls.

And I can just imagine the fun we would have on this inflatable horse bouncer for adult

I want to make this summer as memorable as possible as this will be the last summer before Mikaela heads off to her four-year college. So tell me what ways do you keep your family active during the summer months?

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  1. Inflatables, especially the inflatable water slides and inflatable swimming pools is the best entertainment in summer! 🙂
    You can cool yourself as well as have fun with your friends!
    You can really relax yourself!
    Thanks for your share!

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