Topiary Trees For Less

Recently I told you about how we remade our front entryway, you can read about it here. In  this article I showed several things that we did to cut down on the cost. One of things was to make your own topiary trees. The materials you will need to make one of these trees are the following:

Tomato Cage

artificial ivy

spray paint

wire or twist ties

The first thing you need to do is to take your tomato cage and turn it upside down and place the wire around the top making all the metal together into a point.

Here is a picture of the tomato cages. There are 2 sizes. I was lucky enough to obtain these through our local freecycle group. I had not originally planned on making topiary trees from them I had seen an idea making Christmas Trees out of these for yard decorations so when I saw these posted I grabbed them up. I used 2 of these ( 1 small and 1 large) to make the trees for our front garden.

This is the picture before I worked my magic on them. They don’t look like much do they? I then took a can of spray paint that cost me a whole $0.96 at Wal-Mart and spray painted it black. I then took some ivy that I had bought a while back that I discovered when I cleaned out my closet and used wire to attach it to the tomato cage. ( Of Course I waited until the paint dried.)

Here is the smaller tree. I had enough ivy to go around all the rings of the tree.

Here it the bigger one. I did not have enough ivy to go around all the rings on this one. But still it was enough to cover the big parts.

So if you have any leftover tomato cages this is one of the things you can do with them? Can you think of anything else? I would love to know.

Total cost for this project $0.96 for the spray paint and I did not use it all. I have some leftover for another project. That I will share tomorrow.


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