Simple Strategies for Becoming an Early Riser

Simple Strategies for Becoming an Early Riser

When it comes to time management, we usually say that everyone has the same amount of time each day; it all depends on how we use it. While it’s true that those are wise words, is it possible for there to be a smarter way to use our time? Becoming an early riser is one way we can gain an advantage. We can’t just increase our time, but getting up early can make it feel like we have more of it. Early mornings are an excellent time to productively spend alone with your thoughts. If you can’t get yourself out of bed, try these simple strategies for becoming an early riser.

Start the Night Before

The more you organize yourself the night before, the less liable you’ll be to stress out in the morning. Think about what will contribute to the morning being less chaotic. Would it be helpful to have your lunch packed? Maybe placing your briefcase, bag, or other belongings near the door will make it simple for them.

Get to Bed Earlier

Do not assume you will be able to go to bed when you desire and have an identical quantity of sleep. Just as before, your body requires sleep, so plan your bedtime with your new rising time in mind. The notion of being in bed by 10 PM, so you get up at 5 AM, requires at least seven hours’ sleep.

Develop a Bedtime Routine

Parents and kids both benefit from bedtime routines that contain relaxing activities like a warm bath or reading in bed. Treat yourself to these activities before the rest of your daily routine helps you feel calmer. You may get used to them associating bedtime with these activities so that they gradually begin to soothe you.

Avoid Screen Time Before Bed

The backlighting of phones, computers, and televisions primes your brain for activity even while you are focused on social media. For that reason, try sticking to a specific time in which you use social media or click away from your device before bed.

Ease into the New Alarm Time

Your alarm may be the product of a lifelong habit of setting it for an artificially early time. Gradually setting it back by 15-20 minutes a day may make it easier to attain your ideal wake-up time.

Place the Alarm Across the Room

It is much easier to hit the snooze button if your alarm is right next to you. By placing it across the room, you force yourself out of bed to shut it off, and you have the opportunity to stay awake.

Get Out of Bed Right Away

It is very easy to rationalize getting out of bed in just five more minutes. Soon, five more minutes becomes ten, and now you are oversleeping. Immediately getting out of bed sends signals to your body that the sleep is over and it is time to create a new day.

Establish a Morning Routine

Whatever you decide to do, you train your brain and body to what is supposed to happen as a result of jumping out of bed. You may include meditation, prayer, exercise, showering, and cooking breakfast. At some point, your body may begin enjoying doing this particular routine as a result of neural cord memory.

Stick to the Plan Even on Weekends

If you’re seeking to maximize benefits, follow the weekly schedule to go to bed and get up around the same times every single day. You don’t have to jump into the same actions as on weekdays, but developing the habit of leading a more energetic existence more quickly can be facilitated if you follow the schedule seven days weekly. So if you like to drink a second cup of coffee in the morning, and listen to music to inspire your jog, go ahead and do so.

Becoming An Early Riser

Here is a printable where you can map out some simple strategies for becoming an early riser.

Here is a list of books to aid you in your journey

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