Top 5 Health Benefits of Homemade Iced Tea (#4 is the Best!)


People consume iced tea when they need a refreshing boost, don’t they? But drinking iced tea offers many more benefits than that. So let’s talk about the top five health benefits of homemade iced tea.

Did you know that tea is a beverage that beats coffee on the consumer market? No wonder you see so many homemade iced tea recipes all over the web. And this is the primary reason why it’s important to know how to choose an iced tea maker.

When it comes to tea, the drink goes a long way in improving the condition of your heart. In fact, it also contributes to preventing some diseases. So let’s find out the significant benefits of homemade iced tea!

5 Health Benefits of Homemade Iced Tea

There’s no significant difference between consuming the regular version of black tea and iced tea. Both forms contain an equal amount of minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, catechins, polyphenols, and caffeine.

But you should know that unsweetened and lemon iced teas are comparatively healthier vAriants. They consist of minimal sugar and calories with maximum nutrients and antioxidants. So think twice before adding sugar or sweetener to your drink!

#1 Fights Harmful Radicals

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Antioxidant boost is what iced tea provides to your body. If you’re a fitness enthusiast or someone who wants to become healthy, then you probably know how important antioxidants are. These compounds can fight the life-destroying free radicals present in your body.

So there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be consuming both food and drinks that contain an optimal level of antioxidants.

Iced tea consists of polyphenol antioxidants, which do an excellent job at eliminating radicals that give rise to cancer. Tea offers at least eight times the number of antioxidants present in veggies and fruits.

Even flavonoids found in tea act as powerful antioxidants. And what they do is neutralize the ill effects of free radicals that lead to tissue inflammation and oxidative stress. Such a benefit helps the body prevent chronic diseases like cancer.

#2 Improves Heart Health

The thing about heart health and tea is that they go hand in hand. It’s like their BFFs!

Sipping iced tea contributes to reducing the chances of developing stroke or any other heart condition. The beverage is responsible for lowering the risks involved with a heart attack. It also minimizes the amount of LDL (bad) cholesterol in your body.

Out of the five health benefits of homemade iced tea, heart health is a favorite among iced tea drinkers.

You should also know that the flavonoids present in tea have strong antioxidant properties. And such a characteristic prevents the formation of chronic conditions. This includes cardiovascular diseases.

But how is it possible? The answer is simple. The flavonoids reduce tissue inflammation that occurs in the blood vessels and arteries of your heart.

#3 Keeps Bones Strong

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Very few people know this, but iced tea provides the body with fluoride and manganese. These two elements are responsible for protecting the mineral density of bones. They also help in preventing the development of osteoporosis (brittle and weak bones).

The component fluoride, in particular, curbs tooth decay while also strengthening tooth enamel. It is the reason why your bones remain strong as you get older.
So having a cup of homemade iced tea does more to your body than you can even begin to imagine. Pair it with a regular check-up with the professional dentist in harrisburg so you can further ensure your dental health

#4 Promotes Weight Loss

Is iced tea good for weight loss? Yes, if it’s unsweetened. But the benefits of sweetened iced tea also extend to weight loss. The thing about the unsweetened version is that it doesn’t contain too many calories and natural sugars. And this can help with your weight loss program.

Also, another thing to keep in mind is that iced tea is an excellent alternative to sweet, sugary sodas. A can of Coke offers 140 calories from 39g of sugar. On the other hand, unsweetened iced tea has only two calories. Thanks to the zero content of sugar present in the refreshing beverage.

So is unsweetened iced tea good for you? Heck yeah!

#5 Boosts Immune System

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Are you aware of what pushes your immune system to function properly? Nutrients and antioxidants. And do you know what contains an optimal level of nutrients and antioxidants? Homemade iced tea!

When your immune system performs as it should, your body defends itself against various infections and pathogens. So make it a point to incorporate a glass of iced tea into your diet if you want your immune health to receive a boost.

So these are the top five health benefits of homemade iced tea. I hope they were convincing enough. Now it’s for the conclusion!

Final Note

Iced tea has now become regular tea for many people across the globe. They consume it chilled or with ice. You will find various types of iced tea flavors. These include syrups such as passion fruit, orange, cherry, peach, and lemon.

But you can also opt for regular green, white, or black iced tea. This is the unsweetened version of the beverage that offers more health benefits than its sweetened counterpart.

So tell me, what do you prefer? Would you rather add the syrup to make the drink taste better or leave out the sugar to make it healthier?

You can share your delicious iced tea recipes with us here if you like. Please don’t forget to drop in your comments below.

I hope you found the article useful and interesting to read. And I hope you come back again soon!

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