Tips to Make Your Home Safe From Crime

Do you know how safe your home really is? I thought I knew but after taking a brief 15 minute or so survey at MBIntel I was totally shocked and amazed at just unsafe my home really was. Did you know that almost 2 million home are broken into each year in the United States? I totally believe that I was actually surprised that the number wasn’t higher with the rise in drug use in this country. By taking this brief survey I found some simple ways that I could increase the safety of my home. Here are some ways you can make your home safer.

First talk to your neighbors. Although we have neighbors on both sides of us, we only talk to one on the right side but we do have neighbors down that the road that we trust as well. We always let them know when we are going to be gone for a long time and if we are planning on vacations. It is a sad state that there are only a few neighbors that we trust with this knowledge.

Allie is always on the lookout for visitors.
Allie is always on the lookout for visitors.

Guard dogs are nice to have as well. Allie, our little Shih Tzu always lets us know when a stranger is in the yard but then she will lick them to death but Tutu our outside dog is always alert and will come at anybody who comes into our yard.

Next landscaping is an issue as well. Don’t let your shrubs and bushes become so overgrown that people cannot see the clear line of your windows. A burglar can always hide in those bushes as well. Our landscape around the exterior of our house is very minimal as I prefer more out in the yard landscaping than around the house.

And the last tips that I can give you is make sure the outside as well as the inside of your house is properly lighted. This is a major deterrent for burglars.
So these are just a few simple tips to make your house safe from crime.


For more tips that are about your house specifically take the home risk analysis quiz. That is what I did and since I took the quiz I have done some security upgrades.

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