Reasons Why Summer Staycations Are the Best

Reasons Why Summer Staycations Are the Best

Vacations are expensive, especially during the summer! I get it. We all want to entertain our kids and relax, but you don’t want to break the bank. And that’s why staycations are an excellent choice! Luckily, y’all can do vacation activities without leaving your town. But if you need more convincing about these local adventures, read my reasons why summer staycations are the best.


When planning a traditional vacation, you’ll realize how expenses add up! Your wallet may scream from booking flights, finding hotels, and paying for activities. Fortunately, staycations are affordable because you can better control the budget. I like to find a mix of free and inexpensive activities that everyone can enjoy. For example, spending the day at the park, going to the ice cream parlor, or visiting the library are great inexpensive activities!

Easy To Alter Schedule

Bad weather, closed attractions or miscommunicated plans can derail a vacation’s agenda. Fortunately, this isn’t the case for staycations because you can easily alter the daily schedule. For example, if it’s raining on “water park day,” you can choose a more relaxing option, like having the ultimate at-home spa day. And when the weather is better, you all can resume normal plans.

Support Local Businesses

Another reason why summer staycations are the best is that they support local businesses. Local tourism supports your economy and community! Finding new places is exciting because you never know how much your town offers if you don’t explore. Spend the afternoon at the children’s museum, try the new café, or support a mom-and-pop shop. Trust me; you will find hidden gems all over your area!

Don’t Have To Worry About Pet Arrangements

For y’all who have pets, making pre-travel arrangements is challenging. Typically, if you don’t plan on vacationing with your furry friends, you need a place for them to stay. However, a staycation eliminates this task! You don’t have to worry about someone coming into your home to care for your pet or searching for a trusted kennel. Instead, everyone is at home! And you can even bring your furry companion along for the activities.

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